Fun 1.5 Hour Beer Brewery Tour in Velbastaður

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Secure yourself a brewery tour in the micro brewery Okkara located in breathtaking surroundings in Velbastaður. This tour will let you taste the very best beers in the Faroe Islands.

This is your golden-ticket to come visit the prize-winning brewery of the Faroe Islands, Okkara. You will get a feel of the growing beer culture and taste fresh craft beer.

If you are into beer, or just find it awesome that there are breweries in the Faroe Islands, this is the tour for you. The brewery experience is great.

You can take the bus from Steinatún bus station in downtown Tórshavn. The red bus departs at 14:40pm and will take you all the way to the beer brewery in Velbastaður fiften minutes outside of Tórshavn.

Here a friendly brewer will greet you and will show you how beer is made. You will experience the very heart of the brewing company where the craftsmanship takes place while hearing major legends of the Faroese drinking culture and exciting local history.

Okkara brewery is the sublimest brewery in the Faroe Islands, according to international rating sites. The brewer will go through the step-by-step process of how the beer is made while enjoying a taste of it. This is surely a once in a lifetime experience.

After the brewery tour, you will head to Tórshavn. The bus departs just outside the brewery at 16:25pm.  

Once you get back to Tórshavn, you can continue to visit some of the amazing beer-bars where you can taste some more beers by Okkara. Expect to taste the international standard of local beer. 

There is something special about beer and socialising. If you want to get the chance to enjoy fantastic beer in the company of great people, you are likely to do so when walkin down the narrow passages of the old parts of Tórshavn where you can jump into one of the bars.

Don't wait any longer. Add this brewery tour to your cart and you will be guaranteed great beers and an awe-inspiring sights outside the beer brewery's door. Check availability by choosing a date.


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4 reviews for Fun 1.5 Hour Beer Brewery Tour in Velbastaður

  1. Maria Vinther

    Vi havde den bedste rundvisning: Søren var fantastisk og øllene var gode!

  2. Marianne & Mikkel

    Definitely a good and recommendable trip. Great stories from a dedicated person, both about the brewery and about the beer.

    Many good and exciting tastings

    Thanks for a nice evening

  3. Dima

    Great insight into the making of craft beers; from the ingredients to markets and everything in between. The samples were both delicious and welcome. Well worth a visit!

  4. Nina

    We enjoyed this tour. One of our best experiences from the Faroe Islands.

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