Boat tour around Kalsoy island

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July - August
3 hours
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Embark on this extraordinary voyage around the island Kalsoy. This tour is done in the beautiful wooden boat Dragin KG212.

The tour starts in the city centre of Klaksvík. Here you will sail out from the bay and to breathtaking sights ahead.

The sceneries on this boat tour are absolutely stunning. Breath in the fresh ocean air and enjoy the untouched nature and remarkable views.

You will experience the breathtaking scenery at Kallurin where you will spot the Kallur Lighthouse way above sea level. Enjoy the amazing wild birdlife when at Kallurin.

This tour will also get you close to the Seal Woman from sea. According to the legend, The Seal Woman defies the wind and rain to catch a last glimpse of her children who she the was forced to leave behind when she returned to the sea. A sad tale but a fantastic sight.

Weather permitting, you will sail all the way around Kalsoy island. No matter the weather conditions, this is an absolute wonderful tour to join.

Now, what are you waiting for? Experience the stunning sights on Kalsoy island in a charming boat departing from Klaksvík. Check availability by choosing a date.


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Kalsoy Island



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700 DKK

Child (2 – 11 years)