Guided Boat Tour in Hvannasund

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May - August
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Embark on an authentic guided boat experience in Hvannasund. You sail in a traditional Faroese boat – the utmost of Faroese handicraft. On this tour you learn about days when boats of this type were a lifeline of people along these shores. You hear stories about these people, their lives, their culture and their harvesting of the riches nature brought to them.

You sail from the northern marina of Hvannasund on Viðoy. While you make your way north you explore the coastline of Viðoy towards beautiful Viðareiði. You learn about the geological history of the Faroe Islands while observing geologic expressions in the coastal cliffs and surrounding high mountains.

By Viðareiði you sail by magnificent landscapes. There are spectacular gorges and grottoes – perfect for photography. Weather permitting you will sail into one of the grottoes and we will turn off the outboard engine. To only the sounds of the sea and the seabirds you will enjoy a cup of coffee inside the grottoe!

Located close to the spawning grounds of the north atlantic cod, the area is known for good fishing. Typical fish in these waters are Atlantic cod, haddock, whiting and coalfish. We bring fishing rods so that you can cast a line and try your fishing luck. Should you be blessed by mother nature with fish, you get to take the catch with you home to prepare for a wonderful meal! Nowhere on the planet can you find fish as tasty and fresh as this!

On your way back towards the Hvannasund marina you sail to the other side of the fiord to the abandoned village Múli. You are likely to see seabirds here such as puffins, black guillimot and fulmar. You follow the Borðoy-coastline back towards the Hvannasund marina.


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