Affordable 7 Hour Combined Boat Tour to Mykines & Vestmanna Sea Cliffs

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Take advantage of a combined tour to Mykines and Vestmanna Sea Cliffs. You will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience both towering rock walls, freestanding stacks and puffins.

This tour departs from the Vestmanna harbour. Tours are made on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Once you are on the boat, you will sail along the shoreline north of the village Vestmanna. Here you will get close to towering sea-stacks and impressive grottoes. After experiencing Vestmannabjørgini as these sea cliffs are called in Faroese, you will proceed to Mykines. This is the puffin island where you will get close to lots of puffins.

Mykineshólmur islet where the lighthouse is located is closed during season 2023 due to a landslide. You will still see lots of puffins on Mykines.

The boat sails directly from the Vestmanna Bird Cliffs and to Mykines island. You will do the sailing in a comfortable boat where you can enjoy the nature from the boat deck. You can also it down for a while inside and be amused by the scenic route from Vestmanna to the impressive sea cliffs and then to the top attraction in the Faroe Islands: Mykines! 

The boat will sail you to the harbour in Mykines. You will now bring some unforgettable hours on the puffin island. Go see the many puffins next to the village in unspoiled surroundings.

This tidy island is slow paced. There will never be more than somewhat 120 people on this island jam-packed with beauty.

After spending some hours in Mykines, the boat will sail you back to Vestmanna. The boat tour from Mykines to Vestmanna takes an hour or so.

This combined Vestmanna Sea Cliff and Mykines tour is available from mid June to late July. This is when you have the chance to experience both attractions within one tour.  

Don't miss this opportunity to experiencing two of the most unbelievable attractions in the Faroe Islands. Check availability by choosing a date.


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10 reviews for Affordable 7 Hour Combined Boat Tour to Mykines & Vestmanna Sea Cliffs

  1. Peter Mertz

    It was a fantastic tour. The boat was really suitable for the purpose, and the captain was a great narrator.

    We were very pleased.

  2. Bodil

    Lovely tour. Great weather. Good boat. Nice people. Beautiful birds.

  3. Eline

    We had the best experience. A great combination of the Westmanna cliffs and the beautiful Mykinos Island. The weather could have been better, but we where proberly dressed.
    A trip i can only recommend.

  4. VJ

    A very special experience – facing towering sea cliffs and weaving through dark caves and grottoes in a boat, and observing all the beautiful birdlife in their natural habitat. And then hiking to beautiful Mykines lighthouse and the puffin colonies – thousands of these precious birds at close quarters with all their quirks with jaw-dropping views littered across the whole day. Our English-speaking guide was great – very patient and helpful with the slow hikers like my parents and very engaging and educative at the same time. The weather really helped as it was sunny on Mykines and had been sunny the day before too – so it wasn’t muddy anywhere. It should be noted that no matter what you hear, this is a medium-level (not easy) hike for beginner hikers and proper hiking shoes are a must as even in slight rain, it would get very slippery. Go prepared, and the experience will be more than rewarding. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to do it, that too, in great weather!

  5. Robin Michael Lambert

    The boat trip was amazing. We got to see so much more than if we would have taking the other ferry. Plus the boat looks way more comfortable and warm. Our guide was spot on with information and anecdotes, Amazing time for the three of us.

  6. Knut Håkon Breivik

    The trip was perhaps a bit too long on the Mykines island. This could of course be because of the rain and low visibility. But a lot of the passengers were in the end just cramped in the town, waiting for the boat to ferry them back. Perhaps an hour shorter would do.

  7. Gosia Walczak

    We really enjoyed this tour. The combination of Vestmanna cliffs tour and hiking Mykines works really well and is probably the best deal out there. The cliffs were truly stunning and there was a little commentary that made the whole trip even more interesting. We then went to Mykines were we had over 4 hours to explore. Plenty of time to have lunch and hike to the lighthouse and back with a lot of stops for puffin-spotting. I would definitely recommend this trip to everyone coming to Faroe Islands.

  8. Linda K.

    The tour is ideal for combining two highlights. The captain is very familiar with his ship and he has sailed us through several narrow places at the Vestmanna Cliffs. On Mykines we have stayed for three hours. Sure, if you want to watch the birds longer, you should stay overnight. For us the hours were perfect to experience the island and the cute puffins. Great tour!

  9. Henning Elkjær Nielsen

    Meget flot og spændende tur. Eneste minus var antallet af passagerer, der gjorde det sværere at tage billeder.

  10. Birgit Marion Sänger

    good guide, super boottrip and amazing views

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