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Join this day tour to the old part of Tórshavn, the historic settlement Kirkjubøur, and the uncrowded village Strendur. This tour will also give you a fantastic view of the islands Koltur and Hestur.

Your tour starts in Tórshavn. In the capital, you will see Tinganes, the ancient thingstead. There are two harbours in Tórshavn and Tinganes divides the harbours. In Tinganes you will find the trading place of the Middle Ages and the little historic town with tiny turfed roofs. You will also have the chance to see the Prime Minister's Office and the surrounding buildings where the central administration is situated.

In Kirkjubøur you will see the ruins of the Magnus Cathedral from around 1300, the Saint Olav’s Church from the 12th century and the old farmhouse Kirkjubøargarður from the 11th century. In Kirkjubøagarður you will have the opportunity to see the atmospheric Roykstovan living room.

You will also get a glimpse of the small private library in Kirkjubøargarður. This is where the father of the national independence movement in the Faroe Islands, Jóannes Patursson, wrote some of his political papers and also poems and hymns.

Kirkjubøur is on the southern point of Streymoy island. The village was the cultural and ecclesiastic centre of the Middle Ages until the Reformation. When you visit Kirkjubøur make sure to see how close the old white church is to the shoreline. The land has sunk almost 3 meters at this point over the past 1000 years. A small islet outside of Kirkjubøur used to be a part of the mainland. Now you can only reach the islet by boat. 

Kirkjubøur was the wealthiest farm in the old days and Kirkjubøur was also the bishop's estate. Today the farmstead with the medieval log cabin rests on the foundation of the episcopal farm. The Saint Olav's Church is the oldest parish church in the Faroe Islands and at the Southern end there is the impressive Sct. Magnus Cathedral, the most significant historic site in the Faroe Islands.

The final stop on this day tour is the village Strendur on Eysturoy island. Here you will have a beautiful view of the fjord Skálafjørður. While in Strendur, you will have the opportunity to buy a lunch at a local restaurant.

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