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Join a guided tour to the much loved island Mykines. The unspoiled island is an unparalleled experience where you will get close to puffins and enjoy the remoteness on the westernmost island in the Faroe Islands.

The tour starts from the harbour in the village Sørvágur on the island Vagar. Included in this day package is the hiking fee and a two-way ferry ticket with the local boat sailing to Mykines. There is a limited number of seats for the boat that sails to Mykines. You are secured a seat when booking with us.

The islet where Mykines Lighthouse is located is closed summer 2023. This is due to a landslide. No worries, you will still enjoy huge number of puffins and breathtaking nature.

When you arrive in Mykines, walk up the stairs from the harbour. When you reach the end of the stairs your local guide will welcome you. The tour guide will lead you to the only village on the island. You will immediately feel the immense silence as there are absolutely no cars on the island. 

Your guide knows everything there is to know about the local nature and culture. He will tell you fascinating stories about the people and the raw nature.

Mykines is a bird-watchers dream. There is a puffin guarantee on this tour that will definitely be one of your highlights on your trip in the Faroe Islands. 

If you wonder where the best bird watching attractions are in the Faroe Islands wonder no more. This guided tour in Mykines gives you direct access to the bird paradise. 

When in the village with several turf-roofed houses your tour guide will prepare you for the hike to the puffin bird colony. You will stand literally only metres away from the cute puffins and their hollow nest. 

The hike will take you to picturesque sights along the impressive coast. Soak in the natural scenery and the quietness when looking into the Atlantic Ocean.

This Mykines tour is the perfect experience for dedicated nature enthusiasts. The lush green fields during summer combined with the dramatic landscape is the ultimate way of seeing the Faroe Islands.

After you have experienced the unspoiled nature on this mesmerising island, the boat awaits you by the small harbour in Mykines. You will be sailed back to Sørvágur in the afternoon and arrive just before 18:00 in Sørvágur harbour.

You can visit Mykines four months every year. Secure yourself an exclusive trip to the majestic island Mykines. Check availability by choosing a date.


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Mykines Island

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32 reviews for Stunning 7 Hour Mykines Tour with Puffin Guarantee

  1. Ashley Barnett

    Our tour through Mykines was amazing! I loved the farmer who showed us around and the beauty of the island was something out of a dream. I keep looking back at my photos and cannot believe I was there in person. Thank you for the delightful experience and for showing us around your beautiful homeland.

  2. Andrew Miller

    Thank you! It was wonderful. We enjoyed our time with Heini and the weather was perfect.

  3. Chris Tran

    An Amazing Tour!

    Oda was our tour guide and she is absolutely amazing and very knowledgeable. Her knowledge of the animals on the island is admirable! We learned so much about our favorite bird Puffins from Oda.

    This private tour allowed you to take a more scenic and very gradual incline path to get to the top to see the puffins. Wherever, the other tourists who DID NOT book the trip had to take a steep incline lol.

    During the tour we talked with other folks in our group (from all over Europe) and shared our experience. So much fun!

    The tour also include a brown paper bag filled with a delicious sandwich, an apple, a chocolate muffin and a bottle of water.

    I ABSOLUTELY love the trip!!!!

  4. Baltensperger

    Do not go on this tour.
    Even when our tourguide was a nice person, she didn’t know a thing about puffins (basics like habitat, eating habits, life expectancy). Also not much about the faroes. We were very sad because it was the main interest to book this tour.

    By the way, Mykines is the one island you can visit yourself. There is just one path, very easy to find and very safe.

    I asked for a refund, but Tora Tourist company wasn’t willing to find a compromise.
    So, sorry to say but I can not recommend this tour at all, its not worth the money at all.

  5. Christina Cassens

    Faroe Islands is just the most amazing place we ever visited. The tour in Mykines was very special with our guide. He was able to show not just the beautiful nature, but also how faroe people live and how nice everyone is. We are completely in love with the place and everyone, and for sure we will come back some day.

  6. Catherine Bowers

    The tour was rescheduled due to choppy seas. I had a fabulous day on Mykines. I was added into Heini Heinesen’s group. He is an outstanding guide and made the trip for me that much more memorable. The day was beautiful and we had outstanding weather; but be aware that choppy seas can prevent return to Vagar, and you may be stranded for a day or two. Our return ferry was cancelled due to choppy seas, so a group of us chartered a helicopter back the island which was an extra expense. But the others had to stay on Mykines overnight, an extra expense, plus ferry could not get them off island on the second day either, so they wound up also paying for helicopter. All-in-all, Mykines is definitely worth doing, but don’t do it unless you have at least 2 days left on Faroes because you could get stranded.

  7. Manuel Birchmeier

    Our guide Oda welcomed us warmly and had immense knowledge about the puffin island. The tour was excellent and we would highly recommend booking this! Thank you again for the great experience!

  8. Adi Wijaya

    It was very windy, but never the less we saw a lot. Beautiful cliffs, some histories, puffins and gannets.

    The guide was of course very kind and knew a lot about the island Mykines.

  9. Francesca Fratesi

    A great day out! It’s always a bit windy so be prepared but this is part of the magic of the island!


  10. Cherry Koh

    Great experience with knowledgeable guide. Highly recommended.

  11. Carolyn Morgan

    Absolutely fantastic. Our guide Maria was a delight, full of information about The Faroes and life on Mykines answering our endless questions without fail. A very very insightful experience. My husband and I from Australia thoroughly enjoyed a big day out and if we ever get back to Mykines we will tour again with Maria. 100% recommended

  12. Zuzana Zizkova

    I had an amazing day at Mykines with Heine!


    Great tour to Mykines Island to see the puffins. Knowledgeable guide and friendly. Definitely one of the highlights of the Faroes.

  14. fulvia baccarani

    our guide was very kind and helpful! we had a great time with her! Unfortunately, the weather was not very favorable because there was a great fog for more than half of our journey! luckily after 12 the fog cleared and we were able to catch a splendid melt and many Puffins that nest in Mykines! Unfortunately due to the very slippery ground we could not go down to the bridge over the Atlantic and visit the promontory with the famous lighthouse! in any case I repeat a very positive, pleasant and exciting experience thanks to our guide!

  15. Anna Kalinina

    A really amazing hike at one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, superheplful guide, who helped me to overcome fear of altitude, reach the end of the way and told many interesting things bout local life and birds. High mountain, endless ocean and charming puffins – an unforgettable day, thanks to the guide and tour operator’s team)

  16. Meredith Christian

    This tour was amazing — the highlight of our trip. I WISH I could remember our guide’s name; he was an absolutely lovely man. He lived on the island for many years as a farmer, so he could speak to both the history of the place and his own experience there. It was a reasonably small group — about ten people. For some reason, there were not very many puffins on our visit, though there were a few. I heard someone say that her friend had gone on a tour the week before and seen a bunch, so we might have been unlucky with the weather or timing. They are very difficult to photograph in flight but are extremely cute. A few hiccups: the tour company had no record of our booking, and there was no one waiting for us at the ferry to provide the ticket that was included in our booking. We found a guy wearing a jacket with the tour company logo and explained, and he gave us some tickets and a bagged lunch. The guides waiting at Mykines also had no record of our booking, so they added us to a random tour. Despite the organizational issues, the guys all made it work and were very cheerful. As one guide said, problems exist to be solved. Overall, I would definitely recommend this tour but would also recommend that you do some confirmation close to the tour date to avoid some of the issues we experienced.

  17. madeleine nufer

    We saw so many puffins up close, which was an incredible experience! The trip was pricey, but at least we got a secure spot on the ferry.

  18. Carina Germano

    It was more than amazing! We had the best Tour we Could ever ask for! Our Tour Guide Björk did a perfect job and was so kind!

  19. YANG HUA

    It’s an amazing tour in the Faroe Islands. Thank you for your supplying good service.

  20. Andrew Hauschild

    Our guide, Björk was lovely and informative. She met us with our names handwritten on signs. We had more than ample time to take photos, linger, ask questions, stare in awe and ponder. There was one incredible vista after another. There are multiple trails leading to and away from the lighthouse, and I think the one she chose tells the best story visually speaking. The packed lunch was tasty. The weather is obviously out of anyone’s control but we had perfect weather the entire time. The pace of everything felt right, and I don’t know what the cap is but our group size (5) was great and this was August 14, 2019. Would absolutely recommend and I’d do the exact same tour every time.

  21. Federico Lucchesi

    The isle of Mykines and the Puffins were amazing, so as the view from the path we did. Mykines is really something you must not miss in your Faroe Island trip! I’m also thankful for having found the last available places on the tour because of a phone call. Unfortunately, I cannot give more than 3 to 5 stars for the following reasons:
    – the lunch box (we had the vegan one, because of the friend of mine) wasn’t that good. A part from one apple and a muffin, inside the box there was only few fried pieces of tofu and some fried vegetables.
    – the guide itself was prepared and explained interesting information, but for me a guide has also to be able to involve the customers emotionally, being funny, emphatic and entertaining. This one she wasn’t at all. I also had the feeling she wasn’t faroese but russian, but maybe I’m wrong and still it is not a problem for me, it just strikes with the title of the tour.
    – the price is really too much. 160€, when you can book the a/r ferry for 16€ and the ticket for the hiking path for 27€, it means that we payed 120€ for the guide and the food. This is absolutely not adequate to the value of them. I wouldn’t pay more than 20€ and 30€ each. Adequate price would be around 100€ overall.
    At least, this is my opinion 🙂

  22. YUKI hayashi

    Very good!

  23. Salvador E Buendia

    The guide was excellent and very helpful. We saw lots of puffins and many others birds. The weather wasn’t good so we couldn’t enjoy the views from the lighthouse as it was very foggy. They should warn that the terrain becomes dangerous as it was muddy and very slippery in many parts of the hike and full of holes you don’t see. When bad weather the hike should be recommended only for experts or at least they should warm people that difficulty is medium high. In my personal case it’s very recommended.

  24. Anya Amitoelau

    This tour was the best! Before we got on the ferry, they gave us our lunches. (The lunch was so yummy!) The guide met us at the dock & gave us a little tour before we started our hike up! She was so friendly & didn’t mind if we stopped to take pictures throughout the hike. There were tons of puffins when we got to the top! We stopped at the shop before leaving & was greeted by the sweet owner! Everyone was just friendly & it made this trip even better! If you’re on the fence about booking this tour…just book it! You won’t regret it!

  25. Sara Ahmadi

    It was an amazing tour. we were super excited and enjoyed seeing thousands of puffins. we got close to their nest and also hiked to the lighthouse with a breathtaking view. we also liked the lunch package and the tour guide Ronja was local to the island and provided us with interesting information about the place.

  26. Theo Mittmann

    It was very foggy on the day of our tour, which limited the view into the distance. But that was not bad at all.
    A big thank you and praise goes to our tour guide, Heini Heinesen.
    You immediately notice his love for nature and this island and he gives us an unforgettable tour, which he makes unique with his warm, passionate and nature-loving charakter. Thanks Heini.
    We can only recommend this tour to everyone.

  27. kyle

    We had a great visit! From being met at the dock to get our lunches, and then on the island by the guide. Our girls loved the trip and exploring the island. Our guide knew lots about the puffins and local customs. High recommend!

  28. Blanka Elekes Szentagotai

    The tour to Mykines didn’t take place due to ferry cancellation but joined a tour to Vagar Island instead and hike to the lake above the ocean instead.
    Jogvan was a wonderful tour guide for the first part of the day, friendly and chatty, answered all and every question and amazed us by his amazing language skills. Vagar is definitely one of the most picturesque of the Faroese islands and there are lots and lots of photo or longer stops to take it all in. A lovely lunch is served in the picture postcard perfect little town of Bour.
    The hike to the lake above the ocean with the Pall, our local guide was just as memorable. The hike is actually more like an easy nature walk and the views are simply astonishingly gorgeous. This tour is a really wonderful way to spend a day in the Faroes.

  29. Tania Karpatschof

    David was an amazing guide

  30. Klaus Peter Laube

    The weather wasn’t great, but the guide compensated with some lovely stories about the place and, of course, the Puffins.

  31. Emmanuel Moses Castro Skött

    I had a great time on the tour

  32. Ole Stribolt Petersen

    Wonderful Island and perfect local guide, Oda.

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