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Join me on a hike in and around Tórshavn as we take on our creative glasses in search of shapes, luminosity, and contrast! I want to help you in capturing unique snapshots that you would be proud to hang on your wall or gift to friends and family.

I have more than ten years of experience photographing nature, from large vistas to abstract close-ups. I will take you to my favourite places around Tórshavn. You will be in good hands as I can assist you based on your level. My approach is to be mindful and immersive. Nature photography is about connection and creating an memorable experience.

You will be in perfect settings for capturing great moments in the nature around the capital in the Faroe Islands. There are lots of unbelievable sights to admire. Everything from cosy grass-roofed houses to rolling hills and basal clifs.

Taking the photograph is only half of the creative process, editing is the other. It allows us to revisit the scene and experiment. After our hike, we can head to one of the cozy cafés in Tórshavn to select and edit your favourite captures. I can teach you how to reveal the potential of your photograph, be it in Adobe Lightroom or with your phone’s image editor.

No previous knowledge or equipment is required. I advise you to dress warm with dry shoes and waterproof outdoor clothing – as we may want to lie down on the ground to get the perspective we want!

This tour will let you experience magic moments in nature and the inspiring capital Tórshavn. I will reveal the real heart of these awe-inspiring surroundings.

Don't wait any longer. Join this exciting guided photography tour to some of the best natural delights in Tórshavn. Check availability by choosing a date.







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