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Join a Faroese shepherd on a beautiful 8km hike over the "Reynið" mountain from Argir, Tórshavn, to the historical settlement Kirkjubøur. The guide, an experienced shepherd in the area, will invite you to join him in his weekly chores - checking fences, tending to the sheep, or feeding the herd of Scottish highland cattle.

The hike starts in the suburb of Argir. The landscape is a rugged here. You will hike in tony terrain with beautiful views over Torshavn, Argir and Nólsoy island.

On the way to Kirkjubøur, where the hike ends, the scenery changes giving you a spectacular view over the islands Hestur and Koltur. There is a historical sheepfold on the route as well as an old watchtower and two old guardhouses in the area.

In Kirkjubö you will have the opportunity to see the old farm house from the 11th century. You will also see the old ruin of the cathedral and the historical church. These buildings give you a true sense of how the first settlers in the Faroe islands came about.

In the summer, visitors with an interest in birds will have the pleasure of seeing and hearing a wide variety of birds. Expect to hear birds such as the gold-crest (Títlingskongur in Faroese), which is the smallest bird in Europe, the white wagtail (Erla Kongsdóttir), the great skua (Skúgvur) and many other birds that nest in the mountains.

During winter when the days are shorter, the scenery transforms into an arctic tundra with almost total silence. You even have a small chance of seeing the aurora borealis.

At the end of the tour, the shepherd will drive you back to the meeting point in Argir. The drive back to the meeting point takes 20 minutes or so.

Whatever your age, this is a hike for you. Check availability by choosing a date.


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10 reviews for Authentic 4 Hour Hike | Watch Sheep & Highland Cattle with a Shepherd

  1. Magali Chisholm

    We had a fabulous time. The hike was one of the highlights of our stay.

    It was fascinating how we started in the suburbs of Tórshavn and ended up in a quaint remote village at the end of the hike.

    Jónheðin was great, he gave us a lot of information about the Faroe Islands, he was very knowledgeable and fun at the same time.

    We would definitely recommend him and the tour.

  2. Adam Chick

    We had a great time. We got to see areas we never would have visited without the hike and ended by spending time at Óli’s house. Thanks.

  3. Bill Drew

    I really enjoyed it.

  4. Pia Lindbergh

    Min guide udviste en utrolig fin service. Blev hentet i bil, kørt en tur omkring havnen + fortællinger om spedalsk-hjemmet i området. Jonhein var meget informerende og fortællende under turen og tog billeder som vi delte efterfølgende. Han var helt igennem den perfekte guide !!!! 5 stjerner ud af 5.

  5. Urszula Swistek

    Helt unik tur! Først så var jeg positiv overrasket over, at turen faktisk ikke blev aflyst, når det vidste sig, at det kun var mig, der var booket på turen. Guiden var åben og venlig. Han vandrede sammen med mig hele vejen til Kirkjubøur. Jeg fik mulighed for at snakke med ham (på dansk efter mit eget ønske) alle 4 timer. Jeg hørte mange spændende historier om Færøerne og flere andre 🙂 Jeg blev også kørt tilbage til Torshavn 🙂

  6. Jenny

    Jónheðin was an amazing guide! I had a wonderful time as he shared his knowledge and expertise about life in the Faroe Islands during our tour. He was also very helpful in answering my questions to make the rest of my stay in the Faroe Islands easy and fun. Highly recommend this tour!

  7. Cara Lundqvist

    great guide

  8. Rachel Briant

    This hike was possibly my favorite experience in the Faroe Islands. Jonheoin was a lovely guide and took us on a wonderful hike near Torshavn. The land is private so you cannot go on it without a guide. Accordingly, we saw almost no one else on the hike and were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery undisturbed by the noise or overworn tracks of other people. Before going on this hike, the Faroe Islands did not seem real. Other activities, while nice in a different way, felt like I was rushing through the islands rather than fully appreciating them. This hike made the Faroe Islands feel real and felt like a more full experience of the islands. This hike is a real deal and I cannot recommend it enough!

  9. Calvin Breeden

    The trip was awesome and we had an absolute wonderful time together!! The shepherd was a ton of fun to speak with and he was able to give us the local perspective on life in the Faroes that we had been looking for. On top of this, the hike is not very challenging, but is absolutely beautiful!! Finally, if you love hairy cows this is the hike for you!!! If you visit during the summer you will get to experience them roaming free, but in winter they are kept in a barn (how we experienced them). Dont let this turn you away though, this was still a lot of fun for us and allows the chance to get a bit closer than you would when outside. Overall, we highly recommend this trip, we felt very comfortable with our guide and had so much fun the entire time!!

  10. Jesse Kolya Bratt

    We had a great hike from Argir in Tórshavn over the mountain to Kirkjubøer. Jónheðin, our guide, did an excellent job, and we learned a lot about life on the Faroes. We had all kinds of weather: hail, sun, and plenty of wind. Remember to bring warm clothes and good shoes!

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