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Explore the untouched island Skúvoy. This is one of the most undiscovered islands in the Faroe Islands with a puffin guarantee in the puffin season from early May until late August.

Skúvoy might be one of the most magnificent places in the Faroe Islands. This day trip to the remote island Skúvoy will give you something special and a truly unique experience.

You will have jaw-dropping sights in front of you on the island and you will explore the many untold stories that your local guide in Skúvoy has to tell you.

Your tour to the little island Skúvoy starts in Tórshavn where you will be picked up. From Tórshavn you will head to Gamlarætt on the west side of Streymoy a 15 minutes’ drive from the capital. From Gamlarætt a ferry will take you on a 45 minutes ferry ride to the islands Sandoy and after a 15 minutes’ drive on Sandoy you will get to the second harbour. The driver will bring you on board the smaller boat to the island Skúvoy. The boat trip from Sandoy to Skúvoy takes 30 minutes.

There are basically no cars on the island Skúvoy and there are no cars on the small boat. However, no worries. You will go on a fantastic stroll when you arrive in Skúvoy.

A local guide will take care of you in Skúvoy and show you the fairy-tale sceneries on this stunning island full of birdlife and especially puffins. You will get close to puffins from early May until late August.

The island is incredible beautiful all year around and you will most likely be one of only few travellers on the island. There are 30 inhabitants in the only village on the island Skúvoy. When you have seen all the spectacular nature on this unspoiled island, you will get a packed lunch and beverages suiting perfectly while watching the local puffins. 

There are just as many puffins on Skúvoy as on the most known island Mykines. But, hush… let us keep Skúvoy as one of the best kept hidden secrets in the Faroe Islands.

Before you will be driven back to Tórshavn, the journey first takes you to the most historic rich village, Kirkjubøur, were the 17'th generation of the Pæturson family lives in a house, that dates back to the viking era.

Now, what are you waiting for? Add this tour to the cart to explore one of the hidden gem in the Faroe Islands.


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2 reviews for Day Tour to Skúvoy | Hidden Puffin Island

  1. Toshihiro Takemura

    Photogenic sights and good hiking are wonderful!

  2. Christina Westmore-Peyton

    I loved my trip to Skuvoy. It was fantastic. Magnus was a great driver and Harry full of wonderful information. He has encyclopaedic knowledge and was able to answer our questions.

    The morning tea at the local home was very special, and packet lunch was delicious. And then we had a day of spectacular scenery to make it so memorable. And the ferry trips were fun.

    I loved my 8 days in the Faroes and my trips with MMTours were an absolute highlight.
    Special thanks to Harry, and to Magnus.

    Christina (Australia)

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