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Ride the fresh North Atlantic waves off Faroe Island's unspoiled coastline. This 4-5 hours cold water surfing tour is for those who are looking for a unique experience.

Join a surfing tour is challenging and rewarding. Tours are made for visitors and locals at all levels, be it a beginner or an experienced surfer with an all year service.

You will be picked up in Tórshavn and the instructor will head out the best spot for riding the rolling waves. The tour includes suitable board and guidance.

Your tour guide will make sure that you get photo and video content from your Faroe Islands surfing experience. This will add a unique edge to your vacation. 

The water is not the warmest in the world, but surfing in the Faroe Islands will secure you a unbeatable blast of adrenaline and an experience of a lifetime. You will get an unforgettable experience with the pioneers and local surfers of the Faroe Islands, who have years of experience and knowledge about surfing in the Faroe Islands.

Surfing is these waters is an amazing experience but it can also be dangerous so your tour  local guide will measure the weather and wind in advance to prevent something unpleasant to happen. Forecasts can change and circumstances can alter all of a sudden. You tour guide will secure you the key local knowledge.

Let us take you surfing to the right spot at the right time under the right circumstances. Check availability by choosing a date.




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