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Step right up to join this full-day excursion and sail to the soaring hights of Vestmanna Sea Cliffs and marvel at the unspoiled beauty of Múlafossur Waterfall. These are some of the fairest attractions in the Faroe Islands. Once you are picked up in Tórshavn, you will head to the village Vestmanna along the mountain road on Streymoy island.

When you enter Vestmanna, you will jump onboard the comfortable boat and go for a 2 hour journey to the mesmerizing cliffs and all the birds there. The towering birdcliffs north of Vestmanna are one of the most famous attractions. You will sail through narrow straits into deep caves, shaped by the surf for millions of years, and close to the high cliffs rising some 600 metres above sea level where thousands of seabirds breed.

Exploring the cliffs by the coastline of Vestmanna is a breathtaking experience. You will see free standing rock formations, caves, and deep gorges. Being in the middle of this stunning scenery will give you a sinking feeling. Weather permitting, the boat will sail into the dark and emerge on the other side of caves. 

Make sure to look up at the grassy gradients near the top where you will see sheep balancing on the near precipitous slopes. The many birds and sometimes also seals make the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs experience even greater. 

Vestmanna is the second largest village on Streymoy island. The village is situated in an amphitheatric look-alike bay and surrounded by mountains. The bay has always been a good shelter from the unpredictable weather in the Faroe Islands. 

After your boat trip to the breathtaking bird cliffs, you will enjoy a delicious lunch at the harbour in Vestmanna before heading to the Viking village Kvívík. The settlement is nestled with a beautiful seaview towards Koltur island. Here you will be told stories about Vikings in the Faroe Islands. 

Kvívík is nestled in a picturesque valley with steep mountain sides. If the sky is clear, you will see Egilsfjall mountain towering above the village. The stream runs from this stunning mountain all the way to the village and down to the salty sea. By the harbour lies small boat houses. Just beside Kvívík is the vilage Leynar with its beautiful sandy beach.

Next up is Vágar island. Here you will experience the iconic church in Sandavágur and the remote village Gásadalur. You will have the untouched nature just outside the window as you are sliding comfortably along the mountain roads to see these attractions.

The small village Gásadalur is nestled at the base of the tallest mountains in Vágar island. Your tour guide will make sure to take you all the way to the famous waterfall cascading into the salty sea, which is a breathtaking show. You will feel the stress drop away, when standing at the edge and watching this true Nordic heaven.

Gásadalur sits some 80 metres above sea level giving you a fantastic view towards the blue horizon and the island Mykines. This stunning spot will teach you invaluable life skils: to respect nature.

The remote village of Gásadalur was the last inhabited location in the Faroe Islands to be connected to the road system. The tunnel came in the 21st Century. So now you can travel with ease to this delightful spot in the Faroe Islands that will most certainly thrill your senses.

You might be lucky and get a glimpse of puffins when standing in front of the waterfall. This icon of the Faroe Islands breeds by sea cliffs and on islands nesting its one egg in a hole. 

After exploring Múlafossur Waterfall and the village Gásadalur, there might be time for an extra stop by the turf roofed village Bøur. From this cosy village, you will have a great view of the Tindhólmur inlet with its five column. Furthermore, you will also see the sea-stacks Drangarnir. 

This excellent bus tour to these top attractions is an essential Faroe Islands experience. Let an experienced guide take you to this stunning site to admire the remarkable nature surrounding Gásadalur and the unbeatable feeling when sailing into grottoes and caves in Vestmanna.

Do not let the opportunity to experience both the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs and Múlafossur Waterfall pass you by. Check availability by choosing a date.


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3 reviews for Popular 7.5 Hour Vestmanna Bird Cliffs & Múlafossur Waterfall Tour

  1. Frederik Koch

    Great tour with a great guide.

  2. Frank Hoppe

    The Tour was really great. We were lucky enough to have very nice weather (I almost got sunburned on the boat)

  3. Anne O’Mahony

    A great trip, out on the sea, looking at the wonderful cliffs and going into the caves, wonderful scenery and wildlife.

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