Luxury travel in the Faroe Islands

Guide to Faroe Islands is your luxury travel agent and tour operator in the Faroe Islands. We will provide you with an excellent level of service combined with tours of unmatched quality. Luxury travel will give you access to the hidden gems and secrets of the Faroe Islands. 

When your travel to the Faroe Islands is arranged by us, you’re in good company. We have planned authentic trips for sports stars, famous musicians, international business people, and other wealthy and important individuals.

We push the frontier of luxury travel and offer our global client base private cars, the best luxury holidays, and hotels available in the Faroe Islands. You will get an exclusive trip to the unspoiled sceneries in the Faroe Islands. 

Our local experts will provide you with an untouched experience off the beathen path and to roads less travelled by. You will discover the best of the Faroe Islands’ nature with our high quality tour guides.

With the knowledge and expertise of your private guide, you will be taken to an once in a lifetime journey to cascading waterfalls, sheered sea cliffs and tidy unspoiled villages. Your private guide will open up your eyes to a completely different view of the Faroe Islands.

If you’re looking for the ultimate tailor made luxury travel itinerary, luxury package holiday or business travel, then get in touch now and one of our dedicated advisors will get back to you shortly to help you fullfill all your preferences.

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