Faroe Islands for female solo travelers

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Faroe Islands is one of the safest places in the world for female solo travelers and travelers in general. Traveling to the Faroe Islands alone as a female is advisable and you are extremely unlikely to encounter any issues.

Faroe Islands is a very safe place. Many locals don’t lock their cars or houses and crime against travellers is unheard of. Surveys have shown that the Faroe Islands have the lowest crime rate in the world. What unites the people in the Faroe Islands is a strong belief in trust.

Female solo travel in the Faroe Islands

Meagan enjoying a boat tour to Múlafossur on Vagar Island. One of many spectacular sights in the Faroe Islands. Photo by Chris Poplawski known as @chrisroams on Instagram.

The islands are a respecting place with equal gender rights held in high regard. Women were given the right to vote in the Faroe Islands over 100 years ago, and locals are respectful of each other across gender and beliefs. There’s a strong and present women’s movement in the Faroe Islands. You can walk around with confidence everywhere in the Faroe Islands as a female traveler.

Gender discrimination is both illegal and not accepted among locals, and as a female solo traveler, your limits and privacy will be respected by locals. Regardless of gender, the locals look out for each other and are ready to help.

Female at the top attraction Trælanípa. Photo by Ditte Mathilda Joensen / veingir

If you ever feel uncomfortable at a public place, you can always approach other locals and ask for help in the very unlikely case you experience safety issues or concerns. They will generally be ready to help. You will at all time feel extremely safe and welcomed everywhere by the locals.

In the unlikely case you experience a crime, the emergency number in the Faroe Islands is 112. Call this number only in emergency. The number for non emergency contact to the police is 144.

Risks of solo travel in the Faroe Islands

The statue of the Seal Woman is located on Kalsoy Island. Photo by Kah-Wai Lin.

While the locals are very unlikely to cause you any issues, the nature and the weather in the Faroe Islands are powerful elements that need your caution and respect.

Don’t go solo hiking in the mountains unless you are an experienced hiker and always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back. Also let them know how to reach you.

Always prepare for the changing weather and if in doubt, ask before you go or go on one of the many guided hiking tours. Make sure to check the weather in the morning before a hike and assemble information about how to go hiking in the Faroe Islands

Female travel guides in the Faroe Islands

The Trælanípa cliff on Vágar island. Faroe Islands is a safe place for solo travellers. Photo by Yuriy Shevchenko known as @yuriyshevchenko on Instagram.

If you are a female solo traveler and prefer a female travel guide, you will be spoilt by choice. Here are three of the many female guides on Guide to Faroe Islands.

Annika and Jana from Slóð provide a popular guided tour of their native Island Vágar. The Classic Tour of Vágar and a tour covering many of the highlights in the Faroe Islands in one day are popular tours made by this native tour guide duo.

Trøllkonufingur is located on Vágar island. The spiky rock formation elevates 313 metre above sea level. Photo by Yuriy Shevchenko known as @yuriyshevchenko on Instagram.

Oda Andreassen runs Go Local and offers an amazing evening puffin tour to Mykines with dinner and overnight stay. She also offers you to set the pace and have her as a guide anywhere in the Faroe Islands you would like to go.

The tour operator Veingir specialises in photography tours to some of the most stunning sights in the Faroe Islands. Her photography tour to Trælanipa, Bøur, Gásadalur is very popular.

Want an exceptional experience? Try this top rated day tour in the Faroe Islands guided by Elsa Maria. Check out her reviews and you will know why this is one of the best ways to spend a day in the Faroe Islands.

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