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Secure yourself a 4-hour tour to the northernmost settlement in the Faroe Islands. The village Viðareiði has risen to prominence with its scenic location on the island Viðoy.

Viðareiði is nestled on a narrow strip of land with the Atlantic Ocean on either side of the village, beautiful coastline and magnificent mountain peaks. The village lies in a deep valley with the nearby islands visible to the East and West.

We will pick you up wherever you like. When approaching Viðareið from the nearby islands, you will drive along small villages, drive through several tunnels, and one sub-sea tunnel. You will also experience Klaksvík, the largest town in the Northern region. Klaksvík is anchored in its fishing herritage and hence you will have the chance to see some fishing vehicles along the harbour.

Now, you will reach Viðareiði. It is always rewarding to enter the beautiful village Viðareiði. The stunning mountain Villingardalsfjall towers on the village's northern side. To the South rises the iconic mountain Mailnsfjall. The shorelines in Viðareiði are steep and open directly onto the sea in both directions. 

The unpredictable weather in the Faroe Islands makes a visit to Viðareiði exciting no matter what the weather forecast says. Viðareiði is just as stunningly beautiful in disruptive weather as on calm summer days. 

The weather can really interrupt the serenity in Viðareiði. Powerful waves can flow all the way into the village. It was during such storm that the village's church was destroyed in the latter half of the 17th Century. The entire cemetery washed into the sea. The coffins were later found in the Hvannasund channel and reburied. 

After this heavy storm, the villagers built a new church. The church in Viðareiði has become popular among photographers as they can snap the church together with the green hillsides and the wide ocean.  

Now, what are you waiting for? Book this day tour to the fantastic scenery in Viðareiði. Check availability by choosing a date.  




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4 reviews for Vibrant 4 Hour Viðoy Island Tour

  1. Bethany Chu

    Johan was a great guide. Even though I was told the Northern Islands are not the most scenic ones in the Faroe Islands, Johan made sure I can leave satisfied by making extra stops. He was also very knowledgable and I enjoyed his company.

  2. Rolf Speckgens

    Thank you Johan and Julia for the nice trip and your kind company to Vidoy and Klaksvik last May. Hopefully we meet again someday.
    All the best!
    Rolf Speckgens, Netherlands

  3. Alexander

    The tour was so incredible. The tour guide was amazing!

  4. Anna Rodés

    Johans excellent guide, very nice. I felt like driving around with a friend, talking about life style in those amazing islands. Many thanks for such a great promenade

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