Experience Bøsdalafossur Waterfall & Leitisvatn, the Lake Above the Ocean

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Secure yourself a guided tour to some of the most sought-after sights in the Faroe Islands. This tour will take you to Bøsdalafossur waterfall, Trælanípan where you will experience the lake above the ocean, and you will see the rock wall Geituskorardrangur that rises out of the North Atlantic ocean.

You will be picked up wherever you want in the Faroe Islands. The tour guide will then take you on an unforgettable tour to the popular island in the western part of the archipelago, Vágar.

Once you reach the village Miðvágur on Vágar island, you will start a one hour hike to dramatic landscapes. You will walk along Lake Sørvágsvatn before you reach the wild coastline. Here you will enjoy the pure and peaceful view from Trælanípa also known as the Slaves Cliff. Standing near the edge overlooking the fantastic landscape is an immersive nature experience.

The unforgettable sights here are just out of this world and will make sure to nourish your soul and wellbeing. The tour guide will make sure that you get the serene views that will last a lifetime.  

When you stand by Bøsdalafossur waterfall, you can look across the beautiful surroundings and feel the fresh air and water. You will immediately understand the magic of this place.  This is the perfect tour for those who want an undisturbed moment far away from urban noise where you will recharge in nature.

Experiencing the top attractions on Vagar island in an essential sightseeing tour that will let you explore the fantastic Bosdalafossur waterfall and the optical illusion lake that hovers over the sea. As a bonus you will get close to the spectacular view of the rock formation Geituskorardrangur. This tour is a haven for all outdoor enthusiasts that are eager to venture into the wilderness.

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Lake Sørvágsvatn



2 reviews for Experience Bøsdalafossur Waterfall & Leitisvatn, the Lake Above the Ocean

  1. Willian Braga

    It was a remarkable experience! During the trip, I have learned a lot about the Faroe Island about history, culture, lifestyle, the economics and so on.

    The places were also magnificent and pleasant to see. I took so many pictures during this travel

  2. Satoshi Akiyama

    Jóhan was a great coordinator of tour! He has wonderful knowledge about Faroe Islands. It made me super good trip. If I visit there again, Definitely I need his guide.
    Thanks Jóhan!

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