Kallurin is Calling | Visit and Dine With a Local

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Unveil the wonders of Kalsoy island on this exclusive day tour to this far-flung island in the northern part of the archipelago. You will not only experience Kallur Lighthouse and the unbeatable scenery there but also visit and dine with a local in the delightful settlement Mikladalur.

This tour will let you immerse in the destination to an extent that it is as much a part of you as you are of Kalsoy island. After you are picked up in Tórshvan, your tour guide will take you to Klaksvík from where you will step onboard the ferry to Kalsoy island. Once you reach the island, you will head to the northernmost village Trøllanes from where your hike to the famous Kallur Lighthous starts. Enjoy the untamed wilderness and the dramatic landscapes.

Kallur Lighthouse is surrounded by amazing nature and a breathtaking panoramic view of nearby islands and sheer cliffs. You will have time to soak in the scenery and enjoy this unspoiled spot. It takes an hour or so to walk to the lighthouse and the tour is grouped as moderate in difficulty.   

After the hike, you will head to the village Mikladalur. Here you will visit a local home and enjoy a delicious soup with a local. You will also have the chance to taste some local delicacies. Your tour guide will then show you the village and walk down to the seaside where you will experience the Seal Woman statue. Once you have see the Kópakonan as she is named in faroese, you will return to the local house in Mikladalur where you will be served coffee and homebaked cake.  

Now, you will take the tour back to the capital, Tórshavn. Your tour guide will take you all the way to your accommodation where you will be at 19 o'clock.  

So don't delay - make sure to book this tour as soon as possible in order to avoid missing out. Check availability by choosing a date.  





Kallur Lighthouse

Kalsoy island





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