Extraordinary 3 Hour Evening Boat Ride to Mykines

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Secure yourself a seat on an exclusive 2-way cruise to Mykines. This top summer attraction in the Faroe Islands is a highlight filled with nature wonders.

Experience the many puffins up-close and the unspoiled landscapes on the island. This evening boat tour will get you all the way to the unbelievable island.

No worries about a sold out morning boat to Mykines. This is your return ticket from Vágar island to Mykines island and back to Vágar island in a private boat with seats for 12 people.

Important for 2023 season. The Mykineshólmur islet where the lighthouse is located is closed in 2023 due to a landslide. You will still get close to as many puffins as you have ever dreamed of.

You will embark the boat in the marina in the village Sørvágur on Vágar island. From the village Sørvágur, you will take the ride directly to the harbour in Mykines.

The boat departs from Sørvágur at 18:00 in the evening. You will walk the breathtaking paths on Mykines only 30 minutes later. The bright summer in the Faroe Islands will secure you daylight throughout your stay on the island.

You will have two hours on the island. This is the perfect length for you to see just as many puffins as you like. There is even some spare time for a cup of coffee in the local café in Mykines.

Mykines packs a punch when you want to explore the true nature of the Faroe Islands. You will see thousands upon thousands of puffins and other seabirds while on the island. Standing on the rugged slopes on Mykines and overlooking the rough coastline is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It adds to the coolness of this boat tour that you will be on the island when the touristy ferry has left with the daily group of tourists that visit the popular puffin island. You will enjoy the island when there are literally no tourists but merely a dozen of locals in the traditional houses in the small village in Mykines.

When the clock is 20:30, the boat will pick you up at the small harbour in Mykines. You are now on your way back to Vágar island where you will be at 21:00 when it is still daylight. 

What are you waiting for? Make sure to wander the island that everyone is talking about. Check availability by choosing a date.


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12 reviews for Extraordinary 3 Hour Evening Boat Ride to Mykines

  1. Lianna Ishihara

    The evening boat ride to and from Mykines was great! The two guys working on the boat were very organised and friendly. We got warm suits and life jackets and then the ride was fun and fast. They also seemed very skilled as the waves were quite large. It was on time. And 2 hours on the island was perfect. One thing they should probably mention is that there were very few puffins around at this time of year (29 August). I found that out from other people who had just been and on the internet, but it would be good if they set expectations.

  2. Kim Ochwat

    Vi havde den bedste tur til Mykines
    En virkelig flot sejltur på blikstille vand. Rundt på øen og op og se de små fine fugle.
    Rigtig god oplevelse. God service.
    Varm anbefaling fra mig👍

  3. Rosamund Roberts

    Thank you for reaching out and, overall, we enjoyed our Mykines boat experience. However, the weather was less than kind to us that day and I was not happy with the fact that the boat left us on the island and that I had to ask specifically for the time of the return to be brought forward as we would have got back to the mainland far too late (we were a bit late getting onto Mykines because of another boat there. We were even told initially that we would have to climb across the other boat to get to the dock which I felt was both dangerous and very unprofessional, particularly wearing those bulky suits which were already very wet from the rain. It felt very unsettling knowing that there was nowhere officially to go for shelter whilst we awaited the return of the boat but the kind cafe owner did stay open later to accommodate us. We also had no particular guidance on how to actually find the puffins so more information on the route to take and what to have expected would have been very helpful. There are definitely things that could be improved with this trip but, as i said in the beginning, overall I enjoyed it because seeing the puffins, when I finally got to them, was an amazing experience.

  4. Cristina Untoria

    Buenos dias !!
    Fue extraordinario! Pasamos una tarde fantastica !!

    Una cosa a mejorar, seria la subida
    Y bajada al barco por una pared muy alta.

    Gracias por todo !

  5. Avid Lajevardi

    So glad we did this! Seeing the puffins was probably the best thing we did in the Faroes. Dress warmly and be prepared for a pretty significant uphill climb, but it’s worth it! A must do for anyone visiting and I would absolutely do it again!

  6. Daniela Lorenz

    The 3 hour boat ride was fantastic. Enjoyed it very much and it was a highlight. Thank you to the Captain and his phenomenal crew! Highly recommend this tour to everyone!

  7. Basualdu

    Excursión imprescindible. Lancha rápida y atardecer increíble

  8. Candice

    This was one of the best tours and highlights so far. The boat ride to the island was so much fun and a great experience. Once at the island you have plenty of time to walk around and see the views and wildlife. Very enjoyable. Highly recommend.

  9. Megan Moradpour

    It was an amazing experience. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. The boat ride itself was very fun. Me and my travel partner loved the experience!

  10. Annalisa Oldino

    I would like to thank you for the beautiful boat ride to Mykines: it was amazing!
    Thank you above all to Oskar that gave me a lift to my hostel in Midvagur, he was so kind.

  11. Framcesca Terzuoli

    The evening boat ride to Mykines was amazing we enjoyed it very much, especially my daughter Giorgia!
    We saw some places we couldn’t see by other way, we enjoyed a lot dressing the flotation suites and we took a good coffee in Mykines.

  12. Melissa Bucher

    It was a great experience. Plus it was the perfect amount of time. My husband and I both give 5 stars to this tour!

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