Thrilling 3 Hour TROM Filming Locations Cycle Tour in Tórshavn

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Discover your own favourite scenes in Tórshavn from Nordic crime drama TROM on two wheels. The entire TV-series is set in the unbelievable Faroe Islands. As the crime story unfolds, lots of cliff-hanging scenes are filmed at great locations in Tórshavn.

This 3 hour self-guided bicycling tour will let you experience many of the exciting filming locations in the streets of the capital of the Faroe Islands. From the cobblestones outside the Mikkeller Bar in the city centre to the National Hospital building and nearby sandy beach Sandagerð.

After watching the TV-series, this is the perfect tour to visit the small-scale urban sights used in the TROM story. The colourful streets, the buildings, and amazing sights from the series tell a captivating story in their own right when experienced first hand.

You will pick up your bicycle in downtown Tórshavn. Now it is time for you to bike the labyrinth roads and see the TROM locations scattered round the city. Expect to find hidden gems along the route like small recreational parks and houses painted in all colours of the rainbow and more!

No need to be a hard-core road cyclist. The Faroe Islands are mountainous indeed but the route connecting the different filming locations in Tórshavn are less so. Even inexperienced couch cyclists will find this tour just great. Following the right route will take you on a trip with roads that descents mostly smooth and nicely.

The route is designed so that you will cover a lot in course of only a few hours. It adds to the awesomeness of this experience that cycling is both healthy and eco-friendly. It also gives you good opportunities to greet the locals as you pedal your bike from one filming location to the next.

What are you waiting for? Go on this thrilling bicycling tour in Tórshavn and experience the TROM filming locations  known from TV. Check availability by choosing a date.



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