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Experience two of the most magnificent attractions in the Faroe Islands including the amazing sea-stacks Drangarnir and the Múlafossur Waterfall. The boat ride will treat you to an untouched view of these stunningly beautiful sights on Vágar island.

The tour starts from the small boat marina in Sørvágur (see map of meeting point). From there you will sail close to Drangarnir lying majestically between the peaky islet Tindhólmur and the island Vágar.

The awesomeness of this impressive natural wonder will give you a true understanding of why this is one of the most admired landmarks in the Faroe Islands. You will even be able to touch the dark basalt and sail through the sea arch itself, weather permitting.

Joining the captain on this tour opens a special window into a truly unique place that you will never experience otherwise. Everything about this tour is remarkable.

Next, you will head to Múlafossur Waterfall. This natural attraction has become a signature feature of the Faroe Islands. When sailing below to Gásadalur village, the boat will take you literally only few metres from the water that tumbles directly from the cliff's edge into the ocean. From the village Gásadalur, the waterfall Múlafossur simply falls off the island in a breathtaking manner. Take in the amazing view.

Expect to also get a breathtaking aerial view of Mykines island. There will also be a good chance to experience puffins during the summer months. 

You will stay in the boat during the entire trip. This will give you a unique chance to marvel at the eye-catching scenery that will be right in front of you.

Tours are made throughout the year with departure from the small boat marina (see map) in Sørvágur. The duration of the tour is one hour. This is a small group boat tour. The maximum capacity is twelve people.

Weather permitting, you can be one of very few people in the world to sail through the arch in Stóri Drangur. This is the larger of the two sea-stacks.

Grab the opportunity to explore Drangarnir and the waterfall Múlafossur. Check availability by choosing a date.


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57 reviews for Unforgettable 1 Hour Boat Tour to Drangarnir

  1. Jomar A Perez Ortiz

    Absolutely AMAZING! This is just mind blowing! There was a lot of strong waves, but the guy driving the boat knows what he’s doing. I’ll give him a 10/10 for taking the time to explain a little bit about the attractions, time spent and his skills driving the boat. Drangarnir is a 20/10, AMAZING.

  2. Sandy Kowdley

    This was an amazing experience with the nicest captain and crew. It was a rainy, foggy evening and we were afraid that the tour would be canceled. So glad we went. The ocean was wild and a jaw-dropping sapphire. The sights, especially the waterfall and Drangarnir were incredible. One of the best experiences of our lives. Don’t miss it!

  3. Abhiram Yalamanchili

    The Drangarnir boat tour yesterday was amazing!!

  4. Yasmin Hildrum

    Amazing boat trip and very knowledgeable crew! I highly recommend!

  5. Ame Phitwong

    This tour occurred on our first day in the Faroe Islands. It was a great introductory to the islands. Luckily it wasn’t rainy, but the weather was a littler turbulent so we were grateful for the full body warming suits. Our guide was very friendly and informative and made the tour enjoyable. Although we didn’t get to go through Drangarnir because of the weather, we briefly got some calm and sunny weather to enjoy. Would recommend this tour!

  6. Eva Klein

    Vi var en tur med båden den 4 Juni, og vejret var helt okay, men ikke så godt som det kunne have været. Det var kaptajnen sød at snakke med os alle om bagefter, han håbede vi havde nydt turen, og fortalte at de kunne jo ikke styre vejret🙂

    Båd-turen var mega fin med gode siddepladser, historie-fortællinger og den smukkeste udsigt fra vores elskede Færøerne <3

    Alt i alt var mig og kæresten mega glade for turen.

  7. Josh Kramer

    Awesome trip! Highly recommend! Waterfalls and much more!

  8. Claudia Cappiello

    Fantastic experience!! I hoped It would last hours and hours!!!everyone was very kind and informative and it Is an incredible way of experiencing the beauty of this place!

  9. Federica Fini

    Fantastica esperienza!! Un punto di vista così solo l’oceano ve lo può dare!! Il mio consiglio spostatevi in bus per risparmiare ma questa fatela assolutamente!!

    Very super experience!! Thank you so much Guide to Faroe, see you soon!!

  10. Michael Smart

    The tour underscored the majesty of the islands and introduced us to the abundant birdlife living on the shores. One of the best hours that we spent on the Faeroes!

  11. Ivana Kolak

    We absolutely loved the tour! The young guide was funny and charming, and the views were spectacular! We had great luck, that the weather allowed us to go through the Drangarnir gate

  12. Emma Thunbo

    Vi havde en rigtig smuk og dejlig bådtur hos jer. Vi havde smukt vejr med blå himmel og nul regn.

    Ingen finger at sætte på det!

  13. Antonietta Brescia Edson

    The boat ride that I took with your team was great, I just hope there was a little bit of sun. I’m glad I did it. Well organised also about all the equipment to be able to have a safe ride. I will surely recommend it.

  14. Chor Fong Lee

    The boat tour was great, the boat was good, the caption and assistant were good, the provision of waterproof jacket to put us warm was good too. Just that the weather was not so good and the sea was rough. Hope can see the scenery again in the future.

  15. Lise-Marie Lia

    Our trip was great. The weather was cloudy and a little rainy but not bad. Also, it was quite windy. We still got to see all the sights on the tour and it was a fun and exciting experience.

  16. Andreas Ishøy

    Det var en super god tur.

  17. Geir Blikø

    The trip was fantastic!

    Easy booking, Nice people and lots of interesting info.

    The Rib first took us from Sørvågur to Mulafossur. We got a real good close up to the waterfall. Returning we passed Tindholmur before we reached the famous seastack of Drangarnir.

    The boat slowly took us through the great Drangur seastack and continued to follow the Vågar island for more spectacular views.

    After a good while we returned to Sørvågur.

    I really recommend this trip, as You get to see more in an hour than You would be able to in a full day of driving and hiking (to see Drangur close up).

    This is a no brainer, just book the tour 🙂

  18. Ekaterina Mashina

    Indeed it was Unforgettable 1 Hour Boat Tour to Drangarn. I really enjoyed it and the whole stay on Faroe Island, this is an amazing place to be and I wish to come back.

  19. Maria Berrueta

    What an amazing tour! The views were incredible, the captain and guide super nice and they made sure we all got great pictures. Totally recomended!

  20. Yijue Liu

    We were in a very small group of 3 people, so it was almost like an exclusive tour and I like it a lot on the water. The view is magnificent. The only downside is there is no waiting booth on the terminal for the tour operator and I arrived quite early, so had to wait in the seating area of the nearby gas station.

  21. Erika Gonzalez

    It was good. Just started a little later than plan. Seemed the capitan was notified last minute. But he did his best to provide a great experience .

  22. Astrid Jensen

    Så skøn sejltur alle pengene værd.

  23. Makenna Cortney

    The tour was great, thank you.

  24. Daniel Östlund

    Thanks for a great boat trip to Drangarnir

  25. Edward Nie

    We had a great experience on our Drangarnir & Múlafossur waterfall boat tour. Your team was fantastic!

  26. Mari Kristin Martinsen

    It was very good despite rough seas!

  27. Therése Hategan

    It was absolutely amazing and it was one of the best things we did all trip actually. We really appreciated it!

  28. Andrew Maloney

    It was excellent we really enjoyed ourselves

  29. Eszter Lerch

    We had a beautiful tour to Mulafossur and Drangarnar sea stacks. Thanks again for that.

  30. Amna AlAli

    Amazing views, friendly guide who offered to take pics of us with the gorgeous surroundings. I put 4 stars because it seemed expensive for a one hour boat ride

  31. Alex

    Drangarnir and the surrounding area is some of the most dramatic nature I’ve ever seen, made even more so by the snowy and misty weather on the day of my tour. Don’t let winter put you off from booking this unique and fun experience!

  32. Gregory P. Romig

    The boat tour was wonderful and certainly a highlight to our 4 night stay on the Faroe Islands. I highly recommend it!

  33. Birgit Rudolf Tvedskov

    Meget meget fin tur.
    Helt tilpasset os og super sød og rutineret kaptajn.

  34. Hsu-Kuei Lin

    Despite challenging weather, the tour was beautiful!

  35. Ken Herrington

    Tour was great! The guide was fantastic and the sights were amazing; very pleased!

  36. Christina

    I was very satisfied with the tour and actually it was the best excursion I had during my holiday in the Faroes 🙂

    The rib was so much fun and the 2 guides were so kind and explained so many things to me, as well as answered my numerous questions. Actually please thank them again for me 🙂

    I miss the Faroes so much – I hope to go back one day!

    Ciao and thanks from Italy

  37. Geng Wang

    We had a great time on the boat excursion. The breathtaking natural beauty and pleasant weather are memorable.

    I believe going through the Drangarnir went a little too rapid, making it difficult to capture some excellent shots. It was still a 5 star experience!

  38. Dietrich

    It was worth every Cent!

  39. Chris Tran

    The trip was amazing! We really loved it! Thank you so much for this boat ride to see the Drangarnir/Mulafossur from the ocean side.

  40. Patrick Branson

    We had a great time on the bout tour. It was a nice easy way to see Drangarnir and Múlafossur. Loved going into the cave and our captain was nice and friendly.

  41. Simmgi Sung

    It was great!

  42. Oriol R.

    Amazing tour! The views were incredible and the guides very kind and they told us about every spot. Totally recommended!

  43. Travis McFadden

    Ellef was an awesome guide! He showed us the sites, offered to take pics of us, and brought us close to the stacks and waterfalls. He gave excellent commentary on the formation of the land and the birds we saw. The weather was cloudy but gorgeous. Smartphone with cameras should be taken at the very least. Also a warm hat, gloves, and jacket or sweater. Highly recommend – the best part of our visit to the Faroes so far!

  44. Vannessa Phang

    It’s a wonderful experience to be able to go thru drangarnir in a boat. The trip was well over an hour and the experience is definitely worth the money!

  45. Samantha Tu

    A very special experience, got to see the island from a different view! The tour guides are very nice too!

  46. Norman Faner

    It was an excellent tour, with enough time to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. The crew was very polite, helpful and professional. The only problem I had was I thought the boat will sail by Mykines as shown on the map in the website.

  47. Claude Calade

    Fantastic small boat tour, we were only 5 people, the guide was kind and helpful, we drove along the coast first to Mulafossur, we could take pictures a few meters away from the waterfall. Then behind Tindholmur Island with various stops and finally round Drangarnir and through the arch (2 times !) with plenty of time to take a lot of pictures. Finally to my request, we went up to tje small houses on the south shore of Tindholmur. The guide showed us many birds along the way and made stops as long as we wished…
    The best tour we enjoyed and not to be missed !!!
    Claude (France)

  48. Karen Jones

    Best thing we did in the Faroe Islands!

  49. Cody Vandenberg

    This was a great way to see Drangarnir and Mulafoss up close. Our guide was very kind and helpful.

  50. Rikke M. Etholm-Idsøe

    Great boat trip, beautiful scenery!

  51. Rikki Keziah

    It was so much fun! Amazing opportunity to get pictures. Be prepared for all types of weather on the boat.

  52. Linda K.

    Our guide was very friendly and helpful. The boat and the equipment were in good condition. We could park our car directly on the quay at the marina. The tour itself is fantastic. The view is perfect and we drove through Drangarnir. Abd the weather was also great (sun). Because we drove quite fast, the cap around the ears was pleasant. We recommend warm clothes, even if it is quite warm in the harbour.

  53. Henning Elkjær Nielsen

    Vi havde ikke fået at vide, at afgangen var flyttet fra Sørvagur til Bøur. Det var kun, fordi vi selv kontaktede guiden 10 min før afgang, at vi nåede det. Vejret kunne have været mere klart, men det er svært at gøre noget ved det

  54. Bjørn Richard Watne

    Convenient way to see Drangarnir cliff and Múlafossur waterfall in one go, and from a different angle. If you got the time, I’d definitely recommend hiking the former and driving to the latter as views and photo opportunities are better from shore than in a (small) boat.

    The trip was organized quite effortlessly and without any problems and delivered as advertised. The captain however could to good advantage have been a lot more talkative and involved. He was merely seated at the helm steering the boat from one direction to the next and then waving us goodbye. A little information about what we’re seeing and general Smalltalk would’ve come a long way. 🙂

  55. Geir Greni

    Fantastic! One of the best experienced I had on the Faroe Islands, and that says a lot!

  56. Marisa Ackermann

    Fantastic trip with just the two of us on the boat. The guide drove us through the arch twice and he made sure to give us the time and best views for pictures. Highly recommended!

  57. David Preissel

    Despite the difficult corona situation, the guide was super friendly and the tour experience was great – even if I was the only person on the trip.

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