Thrilling 1.5 Hour Kittiwakes and Caves Boat Tour to Hestur Island

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Experience the unspoiled cliffs on Hestur from an amazing perspective. This boat tour will take you to one of the most remote locations inhabited only by birds and seals.

You will get close to puffins and other fascinating birds living along the massive cliff wall on Hestur island. Weather permitting, you will also sail into huge basalt caves. If the sea is calm and weather good, you will get the unique opportunity to enter the Klæmintsgjógv cave which is the largest grotto in the world.

This is an exciting and thrilling way to experience one of the small islands in the country. You will sail all the way around the island. From the highest point, you will look some 1200 feet up the sheer cliff to the edge where multi-coloured sheep are grassing.    

From the ferry port in Gamlarætt outside of Tórshavn, you will go on an adrenaline packed adventure in a high speed rib boat. Your experienced captain will make sure to get you safely to some of the most impressive sights that the Faroe Islands have to offer. 

The ferry port in Gamlarætt is only a fifteen minutes drive from the capital. You can either park your car at the harbour in Gamlarætt or take the bus from Tórshavn to the meeting point.  

The boat will take you from Streymoy island over the fjord to Hestur within only minutes. Feel the rush and energy when the captain heads towards the stunning scenery in Hestur island. 

The solid constructed boat is made for adventure and for the rugged landscapes on Hestur island. You will also see basalt columns as tall as castles. This area is rich in nesting seabirds. This is a highly recommended activity by travellers to the Faroe Islands.

Don't miss your chance to explore majestic cliffs and breathtaking nature. Check availability by choosing a date.   


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21 reviews for Thrilling 1.5 Hour Kittiwakes and Caves Boat Tour to Hestur Island

  1. Alison Hickey

    It was terrific! We went to Nólsoy instead of Hestur.

  2. Dagrun Østtveit

    Fantastisk opplevelse med helt supre guider! Verdt hver krone!

  3. Josh Scott

    It was amazing! I loved it – one of the most interesting things I’ve ever done. The guide was really great and gave us enough time to take the incredible scenery all in while keeping things moving along.

    Thank you again for arranging!

  4. Siri Bækken

    Vi hadde en super tur. På grunn av været kjørte vi rundt Nolsøy i stedet, men det var helt supert.

  5. Willie Braswell

    The trip was excellent! We were very happy to be able to go on the rescheduled tour. The captain was very knowledgeable and friendly. I hope we can visit again one day.

  6. Jack Ferrell

    The rib-boat tour was awesome, we loved it and had so much fun!

  7. Ferris Leong

    We really enjoyed the Hestur island speed-boat experience, and would recommend it to anyone else visiting the Faroe Islands!

  8. Anna Kowalewska

    It was marvellous – unfortunately we coudn’t go to Hestur as plannes because of the weather, but the boat guide took us instead for a tour around Nolsoy and it was amazing anyway 🙂 We saw lots of birds and some caves, so even thoug it was cold and rainy, we had fun! And then the guide even gave us a ride to Torshavn so we didn’t need to wait for the next bus – it was really cool 🙂

  9. Angelina Yeo

    It was great tour! Due to weather we couldn’t go to hestur and the captain took us to nolsoy instead.

  10. Ania

    The trip was amazing! We saw lots of puffins and other birds, and we got a bit of adrenaline as well. Thanks to the warm clothes we got, it was comfortable even though the wind was quite strong. Our guide was sooo helpful (he even gave us a ride back to Torshavn) and as a local he knew and shared lots of informations about Faroe Islands and the nature there. Absolutely worth booking! The trip is also ideal to take together with a visit to the church and ruins in Kirkjubøur as it’s only a kilometre away from the meeting point.

  11. Kristien Vanhuyse

    I absolutely enjoyed the Rib tour to Hestur! It was one of the (many) highlights of my stay in the Faroe Islands. I loved the fact that the full potential of the rib was used: both to get us close to the shore and inside some of the sea caves, and to have us experience it’s high speed (and ability to make sharp turns!). I enjoyed the magnificent sights, was glad that we were always given plenty of time to take photographs and always felt secure and in good hands. The guide was very welcoming, kind and helpful. Thanks a lot for this awesome experience!

  12. Oriol R.

    Awesome!! We enjoyed the speed of the boat and the views were incredible! Very kind driver!

  13. Scott Reed

    The tour was great! The guides were very friendly and the birds nesting in the cliffs were truly amazing to see. Recommended, good value for the money

  14. Johner

    Amazing experience with these guides in the Faroe Islands !! Will recommend definitely.

  15. Ona

    Everything was amazing about the tour!
    We saw birds nesting with our own eyes which reminded documentary movies you would watch on Discovery channel. The caves were mysterious and beautiful while our tour guides were very friendly and informative!
    Can only recommend this tour!

  16. Mikkel Bates

    Morten was an excellent guide, taking us through the caves on the windward side of Hestur, showing us the village of Hestur and pointing out different birds and features along the trip. Both thrilling and interesting.

  17. Sergio Martínez

    Everything was perfect! The grotto caves incredible and we saw also a lot of puffins. Recommendable!

  18. Anni Amstrup Skov

    Amazing trip with amazing guides! Can definitely recommend taking this trip – I know that I will never forget this experience 😀

  19. Mikkel Weider

    We booked a trip to Hestur, and it was absolutely spectacular! We thought they were joking when they went into the blackest of caves the width of the rubber boat, only to realise that there actually was a path through the mountain. A highlight of the tour.

  20. Jochen Beyer

    The trip was pretty cool…we saw a lot of the island such as the nice puffins living there, the caves and the cliffs. In my opinion, it was better than expected. I can really recommend this tour.

  21. Andrej Komora

    Great trip. Fascinating. Wow, boat. Pleasant guide. Awesome nature, Andy.

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