Excellent 4 Hour Fishing Trip in Vestmanna

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Join a half-day fishing trip in tranquil surroundings. This is a unique tour combining deep sea angling, nature, and the salty ocean around the Faroe Islands.

Enjoy the captain's knowledge about the Faroe Islands, the breathtaking landscapes seen onboard this charming boat, and the excitement when a fish is on the hook. Deep sea fishing in one of the northernmost archipelago in the world is an unforgettable experience beyond the ordinary.

You will love standing in a boat deep sea fishing. Exploring the Faroe Islands from the sea is an otherworldly experience and a fantastic way to get close to nature.

The captain will hand you suitable floating suit before leaving the harbour. Now, you are good to go and it is time to feel like a Faroese fisherman!

Relax on the boat deck and feel the fresh air in your hair while the captain steers the boat to the fishing ground out side of Vestmanna. When you arrive at the fishing ground, your experienced captain will help you start fishing. Wait for a moment and you will catch your first fish from the North Atlantic Ocean. This trip has a fish catch guarantee.

The meeting point for this tour is at the harbour in Vestmanna 100 metres from the campsite just upon arrival in this village on Streymoy island. The village Vestmanna is situated half an hour drive from Tórshavn. If you do not have your own car, the easiest way to get to Vestmanna is by public bus Route 100 departing from the bus terminal in Tórshavn several times a day. The bus schedule is more infrequent in the weekends. 

The high season is from May 1st to September 30th. This is when you have the opportunity to fish the pristine waters around the Faroe Islands on this lovely fishing vessel.

Why wait any longer? Make sure to book this fishing tour while you are in the Faroe Islands. Check availability by adding to cart.


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7 reviews for Excellent 4 Hour Fishing Trip in Vestmanna

  1. Astrid Jensen

    Skøn natur og vi fangede en masse fisk omringet af søde mennesker 🙂

  2. Oskar Maan

    Rajeev and I had a very fun day with the captain and his vessel! It was really fun and beautiful!
    The islands were good to us, and the fishing trip (and photo shoot 😉 ) made the holidays perfect!

  3. Thierry Platon

    If you visit the Faroe Island, try this incredible fishing trip! So many fish… 😮

    Si vous séjournez aux Féroé, ne râtez pas cette partie de pêche ! Il y a tant de poissons… 😮

  4. Henrik Jørck

    This was great! Loved every minute of the trip.

  5. Gubs

    Blastein improved my fishing skills so much, great teacher. Caught a lot of different types of fish and had a great day on the waters. Loved every moment of it, worth it.

  6. Filip Luchianenco

    Couldn’t be better. The lovely boat, lovely places and a lot of wild cod! Definitely worth it!!

  7. Marwik Jachtner

    We‘ve never been lucky fishing. Not in Norway, Not in Finland. And then it was coming a great guide from Vestmanna on the Faeroe Islands.
    Thank you so much!
    We enjoyed our trip!
    It was a great deal.

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