Memorable 2.5 Hour Fossá Waterfall Kayaking Tour

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May - September
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Experience the impressive Fossá Waterfall from sea. This guided kayaking tour will let you enjoy this beautiful nature attraction from a different perspective.

Starting from the peaceful Ljósáir hamlet on Eysturoy island, you will paddle in the safe environment between Streymoy island and Eysturoy island for 2-3 hours. This is the perfect way to soak in the silence on the islands and getting close to the wildlife at sea.

You will be in sheltered waters at all time. Eysturoy island and Streymoy island lie side by side and you will cruise between the islands. It is a remarkable feeling sitting in a kayak in these untouched waters with high mountains in all directions.

Fossá Waterfall is located next to the shoreline. The fall drops in two levels and is an impressive sight when seen from sea. As you paddle your way along the scenic coastline, you will start seeing the mighty Fossá waterfall. You will get really close to the attraction which is just unbelievable.

All tours are accompanied by a certified guide. Your experienced guide will make sure that you are safe and sound at all times.

The tour is designed for those with some water confidence. It is a fun and relaxed tour and still an adventurous one.

Make sure to look out for the wildlife such as seals and seabirds. This tor is always made in small groups in order for you to get an intimate and safe experience.

Once you have explored Fossá waterfall for some time, you will glide through the ocean back to the starting point in Ljósáir. You will feel refreshed after this beautiful nature experience in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean.

What are you waiting for? Make sure to tick off this kayak experience to Fossá Waterfall on your bucket list. Check availability by choosing a date.




Eysturoy Island

Fossá Waterfall

Streymoy Island


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