Kayak in Suðuroy

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2 hours
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Explore the amazing Vágsfjørður fjord in a sit-on-top kayak. Enjoy the peacefulness when paddling along the picturesque fjord while viewing the wildlife. Kayaking in these pristine waters is an unbelievable option for outdoor enthusiasts.

The village Vágur sits in the southern part of Suðuroy island, which is the most southernly island in the Faroe islands. In these quiet surroundings, you will jump in the kayak and soak in the sites for two hours.

Vágsfjørður fjord is home to numerous animal species. While you paddle make sure to keep your eyes peeled for birds and even seals. You will also take in cultural sites including the beautiful church in the village and the many charming boathouses along the route.

This sit-on-top kayak model is an all-time favourite for kayakers. It is brilliant for beginners and advanced kayakers alike. All levels of experience are welcome.  You can also pull ashore for a while end sit down and relax. This is a great experience for couples, families and friends.

You can also add a wet suit or a dry suit during the booking process. There is a boathouse where you can change clothes.

Experience the thrill of paddling through the waters in the quiet Vágsfjørður fjord. Check availability by choosing a date.




Suðuroy Island

Vágsfjørður fjord


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