Affordable 3 Hour Kayaking on Lake Above the Ocean

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Experience some of the most beautiful attractions in Vagar island starting in a kayak. When renting your very own kayak, you have the chance to take an extraordinary route to see the famous sights Trælanípa and Bøsdalafossur. Land the kayak at the end of the lake and go ashore to see the unbelievable views.

The lake Leitisvatn is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands stretching 6 km from one end to the other. The lake is just beside Vagar airport. Your kayak adventure will start from some old turf-roofed stone houses near the village Miðvágur. You can see the meeting point when looking through the photos of the tour.

The ride from the stone houses to the end of the lake towards the ocean and Bøsdalafossur waterfall takes one hour or so. Kayaking to the lake's edge towards the North Atlantic Ocean  is an epic paddling experience. 

You can go ashore and relax while you experience the waterfall Bøsdalafossur and the slave cliff Trælanípa. Bøsdalafossur plunges into the fresh salty ocean and Trælanípa is where you will get the iconic view of the lake Leitisvatn hanging over the ocean.

A stop at Trælanípan and Bøsdalafossur is a must for those travelling to the Faroe Islands. Besides taking in the sights at Trælanípan and Bøsdalfossur, you will have a unique chance to immerse yourself in the untouched nature in your own rented kayak.

You will paddle in the safest kayak on the market and in the most easy to use kayak. When on the lake you can enjoy the remoteness and silence in the middle of unspoiled landscapes. Renting a kayak on the lake Leitisvatn is for those seeking something extra on their vacation in the Faroe Islands.

Starting from the stone houses near Miðvágur, you can paddle as you like in your kayak. Leitisvatn is a freshwater lake that you most likely have seen on many pictures of the Faroe Islands.

Discover some of the wonders in the Faroe Islands by renting a kayak that will bring you to the unique attractions Trælanípa and Bøsdalafossur. Check availability by choosing a date.






Lake Sørvágsvatn


Vágar Island

13 reviews for Affordable 3 Hour Kayaking on Lake Above the Ocean

  1. Wanson

    We had great time great guide and great weather
    Enjoyed the tour very much. Kayaking there is just relaxing and easy

  2. Thomas Trautner

    It was great experience, we had lots of fun 🙂

  3. Lisa Pongratz

    We really enjoyed the kayaking!!
    It was one of the best experienced we had in the Faroe Islands!
    We got a great introduction where to go and where not to and he also told us about the history of the stone houses.
    It was awesome!

  4. Michael Ladyman

    It was excellent. The guy who runs the company, Michael, accompanied us and he was a great guide. Some amazing views!

  5. Cornelia

    Was a great experience! I enjoyed the kayak tour very much and can recommend to everybody who loves nature, adventure and silence.

    The guide made a great job and I learned a lot about your culture.

  6. Pips

    Absolute blast! Perfect conditions and the scenes visible were incredible, very helpful setup and advise on where to get out and see the scenes…

  7. Madeleine Salzer

    It was absolut amazing! A wonderful experience and an interesting and very helpful guide. It was easy to book and as beginners i kayaking it was nice to be guided.

    I can only give my warmest recommendations for this event!

  8. Sara Douglas

    Kayaking on the lake above the ocean was an awesome experience! We had mostly clear & sunny weather, but the kayaks were stable even in the rain & wind. Michael explained everything perfectly so there was no confusion about where to go or how to handle the equipment. Hiking in the middle of the excursion was nice too!


    Our guide showed us how to Kayak and was very helpful giving us tips whenever we needed it! The weather was fantastic. Clear and sunny! A beginner may find it hard but soon he will find the right pace. The View is absolutely stunning! You can stop and stare the beauty of this place at any time! I will definitely recommend it! It’s not only a good exercise for the body but also a great sightseeing experience!

  10. Sergio Martínez

    We have really enjoyed our Kayak activity on the lake. It has been a different and fun way to cross it. Once you reach the other end of the lake, it is possible to leave the kayaks parked and reach the famous views of the “lake over the ocean”.

    The problem is that if it is windy it is difficult to handle the kayak, although not impossible. In addition, those responsible for the activity are very friendly. We would definitely repeat it again! 🙂

  11. Nicolette Cutright

    This was as incredible experience! Michael was fantastic! Super friendly and flexible. This was a great value and an experience not to be missed!

  12. Paulina Rousseau

    The experience was great despite the rainy weather.

  13. Peer Woyczechowski

    This tour is a must do when visiting the Faroe Islands!
    We had great weather and the views were absolutely stunning!
    Highly recommend to anyone!

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