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Explore the most awe-inspiring sights on Kalsoy island with comfort and ease. This tour includes the famous Kallur Lighthouse standing only metres from the black promontory hundreds of metres above sea level.

Park your car at the large parking lot free of charge in the town Klaksvík on Borðoy island next to the ferry. Walk straight onboard the ferry to Kalsoy island departing at 10:00am.

When you step on land on Kalsoy island 20 minutes later, a shuttle bus awaits you. A local experienced driver will take you through the dark and narrow tunnels connecting the valleys on Kalsoy island. You will head all the way to the remote village Trøllanes.

When you get to Trøllanes at 11:00am, a local tour guide will greet you. From this uncrowded little village, your guide will take you along the mountain path to Kallur Lighthouse on the very tip of this outlying island.

This less than one hour hike will take you to one of the most iconic sights in the Faroe Islands. When you reach the edge of the cliff where men planted the lonely lighthouse, you will get one of the most otherworldly experiences in nature. Enjoy breathtaking views of the sheer rock wall Borgarin that goes vertically into the open ocean and the neighbouring islands.

You will feel amazing when standing firmly on the island's plateau with breathtaking views. Watch the many birds fly underneath you and above your head. Travellers say they get an immense feeling of serenity on this tour.

When you get back to the village Trøllanes at 13:00pm, a friendly driver awaits you. The driver will take you to the village Mikladalur. You will spend some hours independently in Mikladalur enjoying the tranquil village life.

Make sure to take the epic stairs in Mikladalur down to the Seal Woman statue standing next to the unbelievable coastline. After your visit in Mikladalur, a driver will pick you up and take you to the ferry port.

The tour is usually around 5 hours. It can be a bit less or a bit more depending on the return ferry from Kalsoy island to Klaksvík. You will do the ferry crossing so that you are back in Klaksvík between 14:30 and 16:00. Now, pick up your car at the parking lot metres away from where the ferry arrives.

Leaving your car at the free-of-charge parking lot in Klaksvík next to the ferry is the absolute best way to experience Kalsoy island. No worries about waiting for hours to get your vehicle onboard the small ferry SAM from Klaksvík to Kalsoy island.

Jump onboard the ferry hassle-free. No queue and no rush. Walk past the vehicle queue that evolves more than one and a half hour prior to ferry departure. There is always a seat for you in the ferry as a foot passenger. 

Don't miss out a unique opportunity to experience Kalsoy island including the must-do nature hike to Kallur Lighthouse. Choose your preferred day of touring and hiking Kalsoy island and add to cart. Check availability by choosing a date.


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20 reviews for Fantastic 5 Hour Kalsoy Island & Kallur Lighthouse Tour

  1. Charles T

    The summit of the hike was spectacular.  That made the trip worthwhile, although there were annoying, preventable issues along the way. Logistics need to be much more clear.
    We were told that our bus driver would meet us after the ferry docked, but there was no one. Almost all of the ferry passengers swarmed the blue city bus so I decided to walk around and saw a white bus with generic “sightseeing” letters on the side. I went up to the bus and asked the driver and he confirmed this was the bus. Not the meeting process as described, although not a big deal.

    The trip description also said that we would avoid the crowded city bus with our own transportation.  With the mob outside the blue bus, I was thankful for our own transportation.  But my feelings soon changed to annoyance and frustration.  There were 4 of us on the tour, so we should have been on our way before the blue bus as there was still a queue outside of it.  Instead, the driver and his assistant offered seats on our bus (at a cost) to those outside.  So now the blue bus left before us, while we waited and crammed the bus into standing room only, well above the posted max capacity.
    Now I was regretting booking this tour because we certainly didn’t have the “comfort and ease” as described. 

    When we arrived at Trollanes, it was another guessing game of who the hike guide was and where he was.  We stood around trying to figure it out, when we saw another group of people with what appeared to be a guide.  I overheard him mention that he was waiting on four people so then I chimed in that we were those people.  Apparently this guide was not reserved just for our group that booked on this site.  And I can’t be sure since my Danish is rusty, but I think he let random people join the hike.  So now I’m feeling a bit taken advantage of since it appeared people could take part in the same “tour” without even signing up or paying.

    All of the frustrations aside, the hiking guide was very friendly and supportive of everyone.  He also told us very interesting stories about the area and the Faroe Islands. 
    I would do this hike again, but probably not through this tour, unless there were guarantees it would actually be only for those who sign up, not just to the general public that shows up.

  2. Sandhya Kowdley

    This was an exhilarating incredible adventure with the landowner and tour guide Johannes. He was kind and patient and went out of his way to keep us safe, given how slow I was. The hike was steep but really fun, the views breathtaking and his stories were the icing on the cake. Saw heaven here on earth and the weather was superb! Don’t miss this!

  3. Andrea Gasper

    Great day!!

  4. Lianna Ishihara

    Overall, I really enjoyed the Kalsoy Island and Lighthouse tour because of the scenery and the guide. We were very lucky to have the farmer and owner of the land as our guide. It was interesting hearing about life on the island, now and in the past. The views around the island, the lighthouse and of the other nearby islands were stunning! The hike itself I would classify as medium difficulty because it is steep and the paths are very narrow, since it is along the ridges on the sides of the hills. It was fine for those used to hiking, However, we had three people on the tour who were not prepared at all. They were so slow and could not even hike by themselves, needing lots of help from Johannus. The “less than one hour hike” took them almost 2 hours one way! Although I felt bad for them, he probably should have told them that we needed to stick to time so if they couldn’t make it all the way then they could turn back part way. Due to them taking so long, it was stressful for everyone else. We waited in the bus and the driver told us if we didn’t leave right away, we would likely miss the ferry. We also had to skip seeing the village shop and the seal statue to rush in the bus to the port. Luckily we made it as the next ferry wasn’t for 3 hours and there were 10 other people in the bus to consider. In the future, the hike should probably specify that a minimum level of fitness is required for a 5km hilly hike of medium difficulty. It does not say anything about this on the tour description so the three people seemed surprised that they had to hike. We were all very grateful to the bus driver for getting us there safely and quickly- Thanks Magnus!

  5. Josh Kramer

    Incredible! Most epic and stunning views and hike. Absolutely worth doing. Excellent guide!

  6. Maria Garcia

    We had a wonderfult time, even if it was rainning all day. The tour is a bit expensive but totally worth it, amazing views, and easy with the ferry and driving in small island like Kalsoy.

  7. Camille Bleytou

    Our time in the Faroe Island was incredible. We will be back for sure. We had a wonderful hike the to Kalsoy lighthouse on this excellent tour.

  8. Kelly Ganzberger

    We had a great time on the tour and got some wonderful pictures thanks to Johannes. Would definitely recommend the tour to others.

  9. Nicolaj Boysen

    It was a fantastic trip to Kalsoy and the guide was really good. We can only recommend the trip.

  10. Karen Pugh

    We could not have had a better tour experience. Having local celebrity Johannes guide us was a bonus. Even our taxi driver back to the ferry shared interesting stories.

  11. Antoine Busuttil

    It was great! Really enjoyed it.

  12. Jessica

    Just did this tour and was so incredibly happy. I’m not sure if it’s usually like this but I think we just got lucky that our group of 4 had the tour all to ourselves. It was so nice to get off the ferry and climb onto a comfortable and basically empty shuttle bus rather than the public bus FULL of people. Our guide, Johannes, was the owner of the land we were hiking on and the sheep we were passing. His demeanor was sweet and open and he answered all my questions about farming, land ownership, puffins all without batting an eye or thinking I was a silly American tourist. I can’t say enough good things about the tour.

  13. Henning Rindbo

    Our tour was outstanding and The highlights. Kalsoy was great and so was our guide, the farmer and our lunch.
    The extra hours we spent was perfect:-)
    Thank you so much.

  14. Gigja Petursdottir

    My day on Kalsoy Island was good😊

  15. Rifnaldi Rifnaldi

    We booked The Kallur Lighthouse Tour. We met our driver Magnus at Syðradalur and he’s so kindhearted that we’re making friends quickly. Jóhannus (The tour guide and the landowner also) has lead us to the top, to see Kallur lighthouse, all amazing view from above and also the James Bond’s Gravestone. I can’t believe that I can really managed to go up there since I’m not the hiker. But Jóhannus always encouraged us so much and we finally get up there! It’s so breathtaking.

    We’re so happy and really have wonderful time with the tour.

  16. Isshaela Ingham

    We had a spectacular time in Kalsoy, appreciated the small group and Johannes was extremely generous to share his time, his plans for his land and his experience with us which made it the most meaningful and a truly exceptional experience.

  17. Emerald Toth

    It was amazing! I feel so lucky that I was able to hike with the actual owner of the land and gain so much information that I wouldn’t have otherwise! I can’t wait to be back and book some more tours through you!

  18. Paul Lenti

    It was absolutely fantastic. Not only did we have basically an almost private tour, but the hike itself (and the lighthouse) was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Our guide was wonderful, not only because of the stories he was able to tell but also because he made sure that my wife and I were comfortable the entire time (which was especially important since we had our 1 year old daughter with us).

  19. Meghan Hodge

    Our guide Johannes was a pleasure to meet and led us on this hike with comfort and ease and provided us with a lot of information about the village and island. He is a local sheep farmer and was able to give us plenty of information and insight into his life a d the sheep farming in Faroe Islands. We felt safe and happy to gave booked this trip! Definitely recommend.

  20. Haoxin Guo

    I really really enjoy the Kalsoy Island tour. To be honest, it is one of the most pleased experience I have ever had. I will recommend this to my every friend! Thank you to the guide!

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