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Experience all the classic locations on Vágar, hence the name :) This tour is for those who want to maximise their experience on Vágar Island.

So you'll see, Sørvágsvatn, also known as Leitisvatn lake (Lake above the Ocean), you will hike to Trælanípa (the optical illusion spot), Bøsdalafossur (the biggest waterfall in the North Atlantic ocean).

You'll then go to the village of Bøur and see the beautiful traditional old church there, and walk between the cute old traditional turf houses where you sometimes see sheep eating grass on top of, and see the architecture and building styles.

In Bøur you'll go to the beach there overlooking Drangarnir (the island with the hole in the middle) and Tindhólm (the very narrow island til all the pointy fingers at the top).

Finally you'll head to Gásadalur and see the beautiful waterfall Múlafossur that you see on all the postcards. Here you'll see puffins nesting and other birds as well.

The tour is 4 hours and the price is calculated after that hour number. We have built this tour so that it is jam packed full with jaw-dropping sights. We cover as much seight-seeing as possible in these 4 hours.

Sometimes we need to drop a small part out of the hike, if people are too slow at hiking or need to take too many brakes, which we totally understand. Typically it's the waterfall Bøsdalafossur that we take out of the hike. This is very rare but it is a decision we sometimes need to take in order to keep the timetable and price.

You can do the Classic Tour whatever month of the year. The sights are always striking. You will meet the guide at the gas station Magn in the village of Miðvágur. 

Book this tour and you will go on this exciting adventure on the beautiful island of Vágar :) Check availability by choosing a date.









Lake Sørvágsvatn




Vágar Island

26 reviews for The Classic 4 Hour Tour of Vágar Island

  1. John Lawrence

    Annika was very nice and very informative. The hike was worth the effort given the views at the end.

  2. Alex Garcia

    It was amazing tour, she was a great and very knowledgeable guide!

  3. Fiegenbaum, Dirk

    Great tour with knowledgeable guide. As a local she could tell a lot of interesting things

  4. Agradut Chaudhury

    Our guide Annika was an awesome guide and made our first visit memorable. She had a lot of knowledge and we loved the conversations. The classic tour covered all the spots you see in the advertisement for Faroe islands. Extremely scenic hike to see Sørvágsvatn and the optical illusion. We would have loved if the weather cooperated a little more, but that’s just wishful thinking.
    We hope to visit again sometime and stay longer.

  5. Eileen Stagat

    The Classic Tour with Annika has been really pleasant and joyful. Felt like I had my personal VIP guided tour through the green hills of Vagar. Annika is lovely and adorable and knows a whole lot about the island, it’s culture, history and environment.

    I saw and learned a lot from and with her.

    A 4 hrs tour full of discoveries which I highly recommend to every Faroe Islands Visitor.
    The coffee and Tear she brought with her finished a perfect tour we’ve spent together.

    Thanks again

  6. christiane bergeron

    We got every weather imaginable. Rain, wind, fog, clouds, sunshine. Started off with a rainy/foggy/windy hike and ended with coffee and tea in the sunshine overlooking the waterfall. What a absolutely great way to spend 4 hours. Our guide also knew slot and was ready to answer any questions,, and she remained positive (even when we were hiking in the fog!

  7. Lisbet Fokstuen

    We had a fabulous Tour of Vágar together with our guide Annika. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and Annika was a truly excellent guide. Her knowledge of the island, of its people and the history of the Faroe Islands is vast. She’s a lovely person and we got on so well. The day with Annika was our first day in the Faroe Islands and the very interesting information Annika conveyed gave us an excellent basis for the rest of our stay. Many, many thanks!

  8. Misago Ono

    I definitely recommend this tour to everyone who wants to have some nice relaxing guided tour!
    It was one of the most amazing experiences on this island with our professional and friendly guide Jana. We could enjoy the tour more than we expected and she introduced us to many interesting things about Faroe island.
    And even the weather was getting very misty after the hiking tour of Bøsdalafossur, she managed to get us to see the spectacular scenery at Gásadalur. We appreciate her a lot for everything she’s done for us. I’m sure that you will enjoy the tour with the guide here like us or even more!

  9. Carl Wells

    We had a great time on our tour of Vagar. Our guide was wonderful as she was very knowledgeable and we had some great conversations about the islands, the people, and their traditions and way of life. The weather cooperated surprisingly well on our morning hike, and Trælanípa and Bøsdalafossur were absolutely stunning. We were able to pause to take pictures whenever we wanted and still made good time. Gásadalur and Bøur were just as beautiful. We opted for the lunch option, and the homemade sandwiches really hit the spot! I highly recommend the Classic Tour of Vagar, as having the insight of a guide was really invaluable.

  10. Ezequiel Adatto

    Annika was super kind! She knows lots of stuff about all the wonderful scenery that surrounded us. The snow level was really extreme, that demanded an extra effort to get through the landscape. We’d suggest that, in winter, this tour starts in the morning, as we had to run to get to the last waterfall with sunshine. The veggie food was good!
    Thank you very much!

  11. Dita Traidas

    Had a great experience in February when doing the Classic tour on Vágar. I will recommend the tour to all those wanting to see beautiful nature on Vagar island.

  12. Tebs Maleke

    My mother & I did the Classic Tour of Vágar with our lovely guide Annika. Right from the beginning to the end, she was welcoming, friendly, professional, and very engaging and informative – enough can’t be said about her really.
    You could tell that she was proud to be Faroese (and from Vágar) and it came across during the tour, from the people, history, lifestyle, the culture, the food and all the knowledge she had about the landscapes which made the whole experience that more exciting.
    The actual tour itself was exactly what we wanted from Vágar. We had about 3 seasons that day -sunshine, rain and wind which made the hike to Trælanípa a little slippery at times with all the mud, though walking along Sørvágsvatn and to Bøsdalafossur was fairly easy.
    Our stop at Bøur was completely charming and delightful in every way, as well as walking along the pebble beach.
    Our final stop was Gásadalur and the picturesque Múlafossur waterfall. The scenic landscape is truly enchanting, just as the whole country is.
    We really are grateful for such an invaluable day in Vágar and more so for seeing it with Annika!
    Thank you very much!
    Best regards, from South Africa 🙂

  13. John

    Awesome tour of the highlights on Vagar island (where most of the Instagram photos of Faroe Islands are located)! My guide, Janna, was awesome, and she grew up hiking to most of the spots on this tour. So she knew exactly where to go and how to have a safe trip.

    Would highly recommend booking this tour to make sure you see some of the top spots on the Faroe Islands!

    Also, you now need an official tour guide in order to visit Lake Sørvágsvatn (i.e. the lake above the ocean).

  14. Evon Tseng

    Had a great time on the Classic Tour of Vágar. The hike was easy, the views were stunning and my tour guide, Annika, couldn’t have been more personable and knowledgeable. The weather was, of course, unpredictable so be sure to bring a wind and waterproof jacket.

  15. May

    Our tour guide Annika was amazing. She’s very accommodating and knowledgeable about the history of Faroe Islands. We truly enjoyed our day with her. Very flexible schedule. We covered a lot of places and she took us to some beautiful sites in the island of Vagar. She prepared a feast for us for lunch and have us taste some Faroese food. Will definitely recommend this tour to our family and friends.

  16. Lusianah Bustamin

    i had a wonderful trip with Annika..she was very knowledgable and i had a chance to taste the fermented whale meat that she made herself..i would recommended Annika for everyone who would like to see the vagar…Thanks Annika

  17. Marcel

    The tour was great! The walk didn’t seem far because the view was amazing. If you have a limited time on the islands, this is the perfect tour because you get to see all the highlights. Our guide Jana is kind and helpful too!

  18. Giulia Barazzutti

    Absolutely lovely tour, we had the chance to get to know more about Faroe’s history and traditions and our guide Jana was always willing to tell us more and more, and also took with patience many pictures of us 🙂 Super!

  19. VJ

    Probably my best experience in the Faroes was this beautiful tour with the lovely Annika as our guide. Of course, the tour is jam-packed with breathtaking sights as promised – with an easy hike and comfortable transportation for the rest of the tour. But the real gem of the tour was our guide Annika. She was extremely helpful and accommodating, really friendly and engaging, very warm and hospitable and went above and beyond to ensure we got the full experience of the tour. She is very passionate about her homeland. She gave us an intimate insight into the reality of Faroese life with both the beauty and the hardships involved in living on these islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. She told us her fascinating stories and tidbits as a local – stuff you can’t Google – making us feel like we were sharing into some very local secrets. She made sure that we didn’t just get to see the places, but we also completely experienced it and immersed ourselves into the beautiful Nature that surrounded us. If there is one tour you have to do in the Faroes, then it has to be this one!


    Our guide Annika was very friendly and descriptive during our excursion! The sights were absolutely amazing! The lake above the ocean, the trail until we get there, the waterfalls and in the end of our tour we had a warm cup of tea enjoying the great View of the Gasadalur Waterfall. We also tried fermented whale meat that Annika had brought with her to treat us!

  21. Yukiko Ezaka

    I saw the lake lying on the sea, the waterfall and the charming village.
    I had a great time with a tour guide.
    She told me many stories and her ideas.
    I was really impressed.
    I hope that her beautiful and peaceful mind will spread out in the world.
    And all people don’t forget that we need to take good care of nature.

    I will never forget about Faroe Islands

  22. Christina Liao

    Our guide Jana is quite familiar with this island and let us know much about Faroe Islands.
    We love the schedule and will come back soon!

  23. Lucia Barbagianni

    We had a great time, Annika told us lots of interesting facts about the faroese culture. The places we visited are just stunning! We hope to come back soon for other tours with this company!!

  24. Becky Ruddy

    Fantastic guide, amazing walk, out of this world scenery!
    A perfect day

  25. Luo Luke

    Annika is the best guiders I ever travelled with. She is professional and knowledgeable. When we visited different views, she told about the stories and we really enjoyed. During the tour, I felt like I learned lots of things and became the real Faroese. Really appreciated!

  26. Ann Cullen

    My time on the tour with Annika was excellent. She was very personable. She was interested in telling me about the history and culture of the Faroe Islands, as well as showing me the highlights of Vágar and mans other interesting places.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this time enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Faroe Islands and this tour was a highlight of my holidays.

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