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Row out from the village of Bøur on the inlet. You can row to the famous sea-stacks Drangarnir and further to the Tindhólmur or Gásadalur where you can feel the spray from the free-falling waterfall Múlafossur. This is a unique opportunity to experience these stunning sea stacks up close and get the best possible point of view of what is rapidly becoming a world famous vista.

Our experienced kayak guide will steer you through the best path and get you as near as possible to the sea stacks. At the closest proximity, you will be only 50 metres from Drangarnir in your kayak.

On this tour, you will row in a sea-kayak that is very safe for inexperienced rowers. Your guide will be experienced in all weather conditions and will make sure you take the best possible route depending on the day.

The meeting point for this tour is in Bøur on Vagar island. If the weather does not allow it, we will depart from one of our other kayaking locations: Kvívík, Hósvík, Hoyvík, and Tjørnuvík. 

This kayak-trip is a fantastic adventure in nature and will take you as close to nature as you can possibly get. Kayaking past cliffs will bring you in close proximity of sea-birds nesting and hunting for fish.

This is the perfect tour for those who want to discover the enchanting smell of sea water, the sound of nature and smooth paddling. Witnessing the sea stack Drangarnir with its iconic hole in the middle from a sea-kayak is a truly special experience. 

Whether you are an experienced kayaker or beginner, this is an absolutely amazing adventure in the Faroe Islands. Simply relax and immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery. 

Book this tour to get close to one of the top attractions and feel the peace and beauties of Faroese nature. Check availability by choosing a date.







Sørvágsfjørður fjord


Vágar Island

5 reviews for Kayaking to Drangarnir

  1. Morten Haugaard Jacobsen

    Kajakturen med vores guide var super.

  2. Adi Wijaya

    it was amazing even for inexperienced. The guide was very professional.
    We got quite far I think, saw some caves and seals.

  3. Jurijs F

    Must do to explore Faroe islands as gives a completely different feel. Our guide Hans was prepared for the tour with the right kit for any occasion and was able to plan our route to be safe and very enjoyable.

  4. Giulia Isabella

    We are very happy with our experience with our guide Hans! The weather was great and we not only could enjoy the amazing view but also learn a lot about the Faroe Islands. Would definitely recommend it!

  5. Paco Gorina

    Great activity, our instructor/guide called us to change the date due to bad weather.

    Everything OK

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