NAX - North Atlantic Xperience

North Atlantic Xperience thrives to offer visitor to the Faroe Islands unique excursions and outdoor tours in the Faroese nature.

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Traveller reviews

  1. Paco Gorina

    Great activity, our instructor/guide called us to change the date due to bad weather.

    Everything OK

  2. Giulia Isabella

    We are very happy with our experience with our guide Hans! The weather was great and we not only could enjoy the amazing view but also learn a lot about the Faroe Islands. Would definitely recommend it!

  3. Jurijs F

    Must do to explore Faroe islands as gives a completely different feel. Our guide Hans was prepared for the tour with the right kit for any occasion and was able to plan our route to be safe and very enjoyable.

  4. Adi Wijaya

    it was amazing even for inexperienced. The guide was very professional.
    We got quite far I think, saw some caves and seals.

  5. Morten Haugaard Jacobsen

    Kajakturen med vores guide var super.

  6. Jan Chilian

    Faroe is about nature. A lot of nature. I had the chance to do a two-day kayak excursion with Hans and it was really amazing. They provide individual planning and tailor-made tours according to the level of the participants and weather conditions. We started from Tjørnuvík and headed out to the sea stacks “Risin” and “Kellingin”. It was not possible to get very close to the stacks and go around because of the heavy weather, but safety first, of course. We spent the time we saved paddling into some caves and under a waterfall, which was a fantastic experience. In the afternoon we headed south on the fjord to Nesvik and stayed a night in the basecamp with a nice little dinner. On the next day we experienced a different location with other caves and great challenging waters.
    All the equipment needed was provided by the operator and Hans demonstrated all the time his knowledge about local history and his working environment. Overall, I can highly recommend this trip for kayak enthusiasts, those who want to experience a special adventure in challenging conditions with professional guiding.
    I’m absolutely going to repeat this next time I am visiting Faroe.

  7. Morten Haugaard Jacobsen

    Vi havde en super vandretur fra Saksun til Tjørnuvik.