Vestmanna Tourist Centre

Seightseeing tours to Vestmanna Bird Cliffs from April to late October. Tours are made daily.

4.9 Stars
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Traveller reviews

  1. Nicole Ciacotich

    Definitely recommended! The weather was amazing so we got the most out of it – great and interesting introduction from our guide about the area, birdlife, plus some curiosities and sailing in total safety close by those breathtaking cliffs. And we even spotted a seal!

  2. John Skov

    Great trip. Amazing views on and in between the rocks. Many birds and sheeps. Super Captain and tour guide.

  3. Karl Weissenboeck

    This was a 5 star trip!

  4. Karen Newlove

    It was a fantastic trip. We went on the bird warching trip from Vestmanna on the 15th of August.

    The weather was great, hardly any wind, and the captain knew his boat and engine, so it was an experience that we will recommend to others.

  5. Levi Zelkind

    Great tour. The best way to see the famous Cliffs. Well organized and well conducted. With the money.
    Highly recommended.

  6. Mary Armstrong

    Amazing trip! So worth the money … Captain took us all along the sea cliffs up to Saksun! Beautiful landscape and hundreds of birds!!

  7. Aneta Caltova

    Amazing experience! Big respect for the captain – even when the sea was quite rough, the sail was smooth and he managed to show us most of the caves. Thank you for all the stories provided during the sail. Would repeat it for sure! 🙂

  8. Star Perkins

    The views were incredible… unbelievable how the captain maneuvered the boat between narrow sea stacks…. the ocean was a beautiful blue, many nesting birds including puffins! Narrative in perfect English as well as Faroeiese I believe. Worth every penny!

  9. Anna Kalinina

    It was a really breathtaking tour:

    – very beautiful high mountains,
    – lots of birds flying around,
    – my first acquaintance with puffins,
    – a small human dissolved in the universe,
    – interesting information from the guide about the place and birds.

    Thank you very much fot the tour, I’m thinking of visiting this wonderful place again)

  10. Colm Power

    We were really happy with it!

  11. Andreani

    Great trip with an amazing view on the cliffs in the north of Westmanna. Very clear explications. This day we were very lucky with the weather (no rain except a few minutes before back).

  12. Marian Tobajas

    The cliffs were awesome! And it was very funny to see the sheeps even in some unexpected parts of the cliffs. The staff at the vestmanna tourist centre was very nice, they answered all the questions we had.

  13. Adi Wijaya

    it was beyond expectation, that the boat sailed pretty near and far to the cliffs, and that the tour wasn’t cancelled even if it was cloudy and foggy.

    the panorama itself was great. As I said, it was foggy but it added the mysteriousness.

  14. Philip Davenport

    Really lucky with the weather, amazing to see the cliffs so close up- too early for loads of birds but that’s when we could come, not their fault!
    Guides full of knowledge and happy to share, we could see 7 of the islands at one point!

  15. Julie B

    SPECTACULAR TRIP! We just booked it to fill up some time. It was absolutely fantastic. We had no idea. The scenery was beyond words. Additionally, the captain skillfully steered us into some magical caves and around cliffs. Lots of birds flying all around. It was totally wonderful. Highly recommend.

  16. Jessie

    The Vestmanna Sea Cliffs tour was truly incredible. The landscapes and cliffs were absolutely breathtaking, and the tour guide/captain was very knowledgeable about the wildlife and Faroe Island history- I learned a lot! I would recommend this tour for anyone visiting the islands, especially those looking to experience the incredible country from the water. Thank you everyone on the “Guide to Faroe Islands” team!

  17. Lis Jensen

    This was a fantastic experience. The weather could be better but the Faroe Islands are beautiful no matter how the weather is.

  18. Andre Louis

    A lot of happy souvenirs are now coming back in my memory !!!

    One of the best experiences in Faroe has been the tour to Vestmanna cliffs. It was simply fantastic! What landscapes!

  19. Raphael Linker

    We loved it. Everything was so beautiful. Highly recommend it.

    We loved our entire 12 day trip to Faroe Islands. The islands, the people, the history, the culture the wild flowers.


  20. Michal Cinka

    Perfect and exhaustive.

  21. Ole Græsbøll Olesen

    Rigtig god tur med god guidning.

  22. Michael VanOrden

    My wife and I really enjoyed the tour to Vestmanna Sea Cliffs. The boat tour fully met our expectations. It is a ‘’must do’’ for everyone visiting the Faroe Islands and I highly recommend it.

  23. Sara Fridell

    As boat people we were mighty impressed by the navigation by the captain. Takes some serious skills to round cliffs and enter caves like that with such a big vessel. We also appreciated the fact that he had all passengers in mind and made sure you got a great view from wherever you were seated. Of course the islands are beautiful right, left and centre but still, the captain made sure no-one would miss anything.

    We would recommend that tour in a heartbeat!

  24. Rainer

    It was a wonderful trip and experience. Certainly worth coming.
    Would do it again!

  25. Lilibeth

    The Vestmanna boat trip was amazing, I would gladly and highly recommend it to others.
    I look forward to visiting and exploring more of your beautiful country in the future.

  26. Thomas Truby

    I enjoyed the Vestmanna trip. Not a huge number of birds but the cliffs are quite scenic.

  27. Julie Boyd

    We absolutely loved the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs tour. It was one of the best things we did while in the Faroe Islands. The boat captain was great and the person speaking was perfect (not sure if it was a different person or the captain).

  28. Theodor Schaller

    We just loved the tour, a wonderful adventure. We learned so much about seagrass eating sheep, cliff climbing, catching of too fat seabirds (during our tour in Faeroe Islands we saw many more places where the birds were being prepared for “winter food”) and the scenery along the coastline was magnificent especially with the mystique of low hanging fog and clouds.

    An experience long to remember and I rediscovered a new side of your scenic islands after my second visit in 2003.

    A big “bravo” to Vestmanna Sea Cliffs, Faeroe and the most friendly people on earth.

  29. Erna Smittenberg

    It was my birthday and I had an amazing trip! You can’t control the weather… so it was foggy when we started and at the end the sun was shining!

    The captain did a awesome job, sailing into the rocks/caves! Woooow!! Splendid landscape!

    Thank You!!!

    We loved the Faroeur!

  30. Henrik Jørgensen

    Det var en fantastisk flot tur, og vi var heldige med godt vejr.
    Det er helt sikker, at vi kommer igen.

  31. Manny Winkler

    It was so great thank you so much 🙂

  32. Justin

    it was an amazing experience! Thank you!

  33. Annie Hu

    It was quite a thrilling boat ride. Had a lot of giggles getting splashed by the Atlantic Ocean. Thank you!

  34. Camilla

    En rigtig god oplevelse og virkelig god guide

  35. Charli Petersen

    Det var en super tur, klipperne var smukke og kaptajnen var rigtig god til at fortælle undervejs. højdepunktet var helt klart sælgrotten hvor en 4-5 sæler kom ud for at kigge på os 🙂

  36. Esteban

    I enjoyed the tour very much. Also really enjoyed the guide!

  37. Marion van Loon

    I enjoyd the boat trip!

  38. Jonas Mannerfelt

    It was my third time. Always Enjoyable!

  39. Brecht Persoons

    We had a fantastic time in the Faroe Islands and the Vestmanna Bird cliff Tour was one of the favourites of everybody in our group (except for 1 who got seasick 😉). The rain made it more special, because of all the waterfalls. I would everybody who is visiting the Faroe Islands recommend your trip.

  40. Anne-Mieke Zigterman

    It was great!

  41. Marianne Ellegaard

    Turen var fin!

  42. Lanie Theis

    We really enjoyed the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs tour and recommended it to a couple of other groups of tourists that we ran into during the week. Thanks again for accommodating our flight cancellation and rebooking us another day.

  43. Delia Chia

    The trip was absolutely amazing — really appreciated the commentary done in English so that international tourist could understand too, and it was a real treat to be able to enter & get close to some of the really cool cliffs & rock formations

  44. Rachel Blasucci

    It was a really lovely tour — a perfect introduction to the Faroe Islands. 🙂

  45. Rikke Jørgensen

    Vi havde en rigtig god tur, en utrolig smuk oplevelse.
    Rikke Jørgensen og familie

  46. Steven Bush

    The boat trip was excellent. We enjoyed it thoroughly.

  47. Sidsel Hansen

    It was a nice experience. Thank you.

  48. Makenna Cortney

    The boat tour was great

  49. Laurence Brouillard-Turbide

    We had a great time on the boat tour. The scenery was beautiful. We really enjoyed it and would recommend it.

  50. Andrias Miklagarð

    Túsund Takk fyri túrin, tað var eitt heilt fantastisk upplivilsi fyri okkum,
    “Top no the trip”☺️😊🌅🙏

  51. Hannes Hutter

    It was very good. We had nice views and a beautiful day.

  52. Reidun Instanes

    We really enjoyed the boat trip.

  53. Mike Kretz

    The boat tour was fantastic, my father and I both really enjoyed it. It was a really amazing experience to see the dramatic cliffs from that view.

  54. Nick Dolce

    It was all really wonderful! We had a great time.

  55. Robert Svardal-Stelmer

    The boat trip was great, spectacular view of the witch finger and caves, and very comfortable boat
    Thanks so much 👍🏼😉

  56. Rhian Anderson

    We had been looking forward to seeing the amazing bird life on the cliffs that was clearly advertised in all the tourist brochures. The boat trip itself was excellent and the Guide was very informative but we hardly saw any birds at all. Our trip took place on 30th April and clearly this was too early to see the birds as the majority of them hadn’t arrived! It would have been useful to have been given this information as the company running the tour must know this. The cliffs themselves were spectacular and we would have booked the trip regardless.

  57. Charlotte

    I was most excited for this trip of any during our stay in the Faroes. Unfortunately it was quite disappointing; they overbook the boats so that you are packed on like sardines. They ask people once or twice not to stand, but an entire tour bus that boarded our boat was standing in front of us for the entire time so that we couldn’t see. They only go through the grottoes on the way there, so by the time the boat turned around and we would’ve been able to see, we didn’t see the grottoes and caves and we’re going much faster. Please consider booking fewer people per boat so that customers can see and have a little wiggle room!!

  58. Erwin Pals

    Oh, the boat tour was fantastic! Also because of the nice sunny weather. All week it was rather rainy and foggy but on my last day the sun showed itself! Beautiful!!!!

  59. Alexa Vardy

    Just beautiful!

  60. Bich Thuy DOAN

    The Vestmanna boat tour was great, I really enjoyed it 🙂

  61. Basualdu

    Bonita ruta por los acantilados

  62. Dror Eini

    On 16/8 we did the cruise to the cliffs.
    This was supposed to be one of the highlights of the trip.
    I changed a lot of plans according to the sailing times in order to see what promised.
    Instead of leav the bay to the west towards the open sea (as the tour map shows) we sailed in the other direction for half an hour (each way) to the Witches Finger which we had already seen before the sailing from meny directions.
    We were very disappointed with the activity.

  63. Rachel Duncan Morgan

    The boat tour was great and we loved the cliffs.
    Thank you.

  64. Olivier Maes

    Would recommend this to anyone visiting the Faroe Islands. We did this as the first activity in a week of Faroe Islands holidays. Participants get an introduction in perfect English about the fauna and flora. The drive to Vestmanna is also scenic coming from Torshavn.

    For people who want to see puffins, mini penguins and a seal, this is a must-do activity.

  65. Bjorn Lindhoff

    To let you know how eagerly we were to take your boat trip I can inform that we had to come 3 times before we found any free seats.
    Then we really enjoyed the trip and if we come again we will certainly repeat this experience.
    Have a nice time.

  66. Sarita Kotek

    It was a bit of a rough experience (a little inconvenience for my sister) but a good first idea of the birds. And an introduction to Faroe islands.
    I knew absolutely nothing about them and couldn’t detail them. It was our first outing after arrival.

    But you need to start somewhere don’t you?
    We came back with great pictures of the rough weather.

  67. Jacob Lind

    Vi havde en god tur.

    Vejret kunne ganske vist havde været bedre, men det kunne nok også havde været værre.

    Når man kender de risici der er med vejret på Færøerne så er vi ganske vist klar over at chancerne for at få rigtig godt vejr ikke så ofte er til stede.

    Vi kan absolut anbefale andre at tage med Jer på tur.

    Det var en stor oplevelse som jeg rigtig gerne vil gentage.

    Færøerne er et fantastisk smukt ørige. Og et ualmindeligt dejligt folkefærd.

    Vil rigtig meget gerne tilbage til både Færøerne og til endnu en sejltur med Jer.

  68. David Tome Lourido

    During the last years I have made tours and excursions in natural and remote places similar to the Feore Islands, such as in Iceland and Australia.

    Compared to those places, what I really liked about the Vestmanna tour was the intention of the ship’s captain that the participants have a good experience. It is not always possible to see the puffins, as they are wild animals and it is not a good idea to disturb them, on my tour the captain toured wonderful caves and cliffs, and it was not necessary to see puffins for the experience to be great.

    Therefore, I congratulate you for this activity and I encourage you to continue carrying out natural activities that respect the nature of the Faroe Islands, one of the most extraordinary places on this planet.

    Thank you for your hospitality.

  69. Ola Wądołowska

    We absolutely loved the trip, even though the weather conditions were poor, all the visitors were very helpful and seemed to enjoy the cruise, helping each other to struggle with rain and wind. We liked listening to the captain, it was undoubtedly a great combination together with admiring the landscapes. We would like to listen to his stories more!!!

    We had been dreaming of Faroe Islands for some time before June/July, and I do not regret any second spent there. That is absolutely the place I feel at home and would like to come back in the future. cosiness, natural pace of living, unspoiled places.

  70. Michael Goedel

    We were impressed by the boat-tour.

    There are real positive elements:

    There was live reporting about spots and nice stories and back-ground information. I do not like it, when the explanation is recorded and just a play back for the tourists, but you did manage this in an excellent way and very lively. Thanks for that. I could learn and did listen carefully.
    We saw the big caves and did even drive into the caves by boat AND you take care of safety by providing helmets, very good.
    You also did choose the tour, depending on weather conditions, wind and waves. We turned left and the day before, you turned right. This makes the tour enjoyable for all. Not every-one likes big waves.
    Thanks for the nice tour, I can recommend this to my friends.

  71. Ivalo Egede Lund

    Vi var 12 afsted og alle i gruppen nød turen, det regnede lidt, men det betød ikke noget, da vi jo både kunne gå inden for i kahytten eller stå på dækket.
    Vi så de smukke fjeldskråninger og jeres smukke lunder.
    Fin service!

  72. Krista Freiberga

    Our Vestmanna Sea cliff trip was amazing. At first we didn’t want to take the trip as we already had one to Mykines and thought it would be similar. But at the end we decided to go on this one and that was one of the best decisions! Vestmanna boat trip was one of my boyfriends top 3 attractions in Faroe! The guide gave interesting information and the captain drove the boat like Mozart plays piano. Very professional.

    Only downside was the annoying noise on the boat, maybe speaker was broke or something (you can hear it in the attached file). If you fix that – 5 out of 5!

  73. Eva Jarosik

    Excellent boat tour, 5 stars! We’ve learned about the islands and had a chance to take great photos! I i posted them on my Facebook and i’m pretty sure you will see more tourists soon 🙂
    I’m definitely coming back!
    Thank you!

  74. Yigal Hoffner

    It was great!

    We enjoyed the tour very much.
    It was particularly good to get the plastic coats that protected us from the wind.

  75. Danae Romrell

    We loved the Vestmanna boat tour! It was an absolutely amazing and was one of the highlights of our trip! I would highly recommend it! I’ve never seen anything like it. The cliffs were gorgeous and the water was an amazing shade of blue. But it’s impossible to describe how beautiful it was. We loved seeing all the birds.

  76. Marina Sierra-Sesumaga

    The tour was excellent! at the very beginning it was a bit foggy but we were lucky and the sun shone from the moment we started sailing. It was a beautiful experience to be able to see the cliffs and all the birds living in the area. I would recommend it to anyone who spend a few days in the islands.

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  77. Paola Suarez

    Our experience with the trip to see the cliffs was great! From the process of booking the tour to the moment we were on the boat everything was very smooth.
    We really enjoyed the trip, the views and the service. We would recommend this tour to anyone visiting the Faroe Islands.

    Thanks so much again!

  78. Peg Carver

    The Vestmanna Sea Cliffs Boat trip was a highlight of our time in the Faroe Islands. It was informative, entertaining and the scenery was beyond compare. The captain was knowledgeable about not only the birds in the area, but the geology of this unique place. The boat tour is a must for visitors to the Faroe Islands! I’ll do it again if I’m lucky enough to return!

  79. Gilles d’Arcimoles

    It was just amazing ! truly unbelievable scenery ! The most beautiful things landscapes i’ve seen in my 15 days trip in the Faroe. I actually loved it so much i did it 3 times (1 unexpected to the South due to bad weather – but Trollkonufingur remains a must-see from the sea – and 2 to the northern paradise).

    One disappointement is the crowd on the boat but i guess it’s the price to pay to access such jaw-dropping places ? Maybe add more rotations with less people on each ?

    See you soon Faroe, i’ll be back for more adventures.

    Cheers from France.

  80. Søren Thing Pedersen

    Hvad skal man næsten sige – Det burde være en del af pensum i den danske folkeskole at rejse til Færøerne :-). Så anderledes (ift flade Danmark, så flot, så gæstfri.

    Sejlturen havde en fin længde, guiden var informativ, meget professionel. Fin ide med afslutning på restuarant med fiskesuppe. Måske kunne det være en ide at sende et ark papir rundt inden afgang med, hvad fuglene hedder, og hvordan de ser ud tæt på og fra afstand – samt forventet sejlrute. Måske var der lidt for crowded på båden, men det er jo en balance.

    Vi har på vores ferier verden rundt taget mange af sådanne sejlture og denne var helt på niveau. Jeg kunne godt lide, at I ikke gjorde for meget “”show”” ud af det, men lod naturen tale.

    Vi har også været på Island, hvor de har lidt flere turister og nok også flere forskellig naturoplevelser. Men roen på Færøerne er en stor kvalitet, som man også mærker som turist.

  81. Per Loua

    Takk for en flott og begivenhetsrik båttur.

  82. Volkmar Pätzold

    Uns hat die Fahrt sehr gut gefallen. Vor allem das Wetter hat gepaßt. Leider war das Boot etwas zu überfüllt, so daß nicht alle Fotos gelungen sind. Die Route war erlebnisreich und interessant. Auch wenn die Ansagen nicht immer verständlich waren (zu leise). Tolle Eindrücke und für andere Reisende empfehlenswert. Danke.

  83. Anne-Marie Kristensen

    Vi havde en fin og flot, interessant og spændende bådtur. På grund af vind sejlede vi kun i sundet om til, hvor vi kunne se trøllkonufingur, hvor vi hurtigt vendte på grund af bølgerne. Og der var rigeligt med bølger til os.

    Vi følte os meget trygge ved besætningen, som virkede meget professionelle og behagelige.

    Jeg ærgrede mig bagefter over, at vi sad nede i skibet det meste af vejen, på grund af bølger. Jeg ville gerne have været presset lidt eller betrygget i at kunne sidde oppe og ude. Men jeg ved faktisk ikke, om der var nogen, der gjorde det.

    Blæsten kan I jo ikke gøre noget ved….

    En rigtig fin tur.

  84. Anna Christiansen

    Jeg var på samme tur for ca ti år siden, hvor båden ikke var lige så fyldt, og det husker jeg som en bedre tur. Der var nok omkring 10 personer for mange på båden, da alle ikke kunne være udenfor, hvilket de fleste jo foretrækker 🙂

  85. Philip Shanker

    The boat tour exceeded our expectation. The young man who was the guide was excellent. Very informative and welcomed all questions.
    Laura and I would strongly recommend the tour

  86. Ruth Sheehan

    We did the tour on our first full day in the Faroes and it was wonderful! There was a great spirit on the boat, and we loved going into the cave areas and getting the commentary from the captain or crew. So much fun. We loved the scenery — and I am still thinking about the guide ropes on one of the cliffs where, our guide told us, sheep owners lift their sheep up onto the cliffs and remove them for shearing. Mind boggling.

  87. Klas Persson

    Vi hade bokat en båt tur för 6 vuxna och vi fick en fantastisk upplevelse alla 6. En helt fantastisk tur med lunnefåglar och otroliga klippor. Kaptenen navigerade in båten bland klipporna på ett imponerande sätt. Vi är hur nöjda som helst och jag rekommenderar alla som har möjlighet att åka denna båt tur.

  88. Anne Breüner

    Det var en fantastisk smuk tur i Færøernes skønne natur. Vi nød det rigtig meget!

    Jeg synes måske at selv om det var interessant at høre om laksefarmene blev der brugt lidt rigeligt tid på det. Min mand som er lystfisker er nok ikke helt enig 😉

  89. Chiara Alleva

    Just an amazing day! We loved it and we were conformable even with our small kids.

  90. Lindsay Stanek

    Great trip! Had great views of the cliffs and birds. Even got to see a couple seals. Enjoyed the explanations of a lot of things that we had been wondering about. Educational & entertaining from a sightseeing standpoint.

  91. Thomas Korsnes

    Turen til fuglifjellet var fantastisk! Nydelig vær, nesten stille hav. Så vi kjørte inn i noen av grottesystemene, og vi var tett på naturen hele veien. Var rett og slett en mektig opplevelse!

  92. Elin Mikkelsen

    Vit vóru 4 fólk, harav tvey donsk vitjandi. Ein sera góður túrur, sum vit minnast við gleði.
    Takk fyri.

  93. Helmut Söftje

    We are back now from the Faroes, and it is a great pleasure to inform you that the boat trip to the Vestmanna sea cliffs was a very impressing and phantastic adventure for us. Of course, we recommend this tour to all interested people. It was really a very great highlight of our tour to the Faroes.

  94. Hadil

    Excellent tour! You wouldn’t want to miss it !

  95. Karen Bustamante

    A great afternoon out. The captain was great in explaining the area. There was a lot to see.
    Make sure you rug up and bring a wind proof jacket and gloves.
    Highly recommended.

  96. Aline Galletyer

    Really good trip, i was stunning! We were not disappointed.

  97. Yasmin Hildrum

    Great trip with knowledgeable crew! Wear warm clothes and sit on top of boat for best views!

  98. Diana Pires

    We were there with our 5 months old daughter (in the baby carrier). She slept most of the way. But we found the tour amazing and got to see the Faroe Islands from a different perspective – we have mostly been hiking up mountains and seeing it from above. Highly recommended tour! We saw a seal, but it must be extra nice with the puffins around (we went in September so they were already gone).

  99. Aditya Singhvi

    The Vestmana Sea Cliffs boat tour was wonderful. My family enjoyed the scenic views along with the captain’s commentary. The boat was comfortable. The captain’s steering ensured we had a smooth ride both ways even in choppy waters.

    I would definitely recommend this and their other tours as it is well worth the money.

  100. Geert

    Nice and good views! Friendly and interesting guide.

  101. Birgit Marion Sänger

    good guide, super boottrip and amazing views

  102. Henning Elkjær Nielsen

    Meget flot og spændende tur. Eneste minus var antallet af passagerer, der gjorde det sværere at tage billeder.

  103. Linda K.

    The tour is ideal for combining two highlights. The captain is very familiar with his ship and he has sailed us through several narrow places at the Vestmanna Cliffs. On Mykines we have stayed for three hours. Sure, if you want to watch the birds longer, you should stay overnight. For us the hours were perfect to experience the island and the cute puffins. Great tour!

  104. Gosia Walczak

    We really enjoyed this tour. The combination of Vestmanna cliffs tour and hiking Mykines works really well and is probably the best deal out there. The cliffs were truly stunning and there was a little commentary that made the whole trip even more interesting. We then went to Mykines were we had over 4 hours to explore. Plenty of time to have lunch and hike to the lighthouse and back with a lot of stops for puffin-spotting. I would definitely recommend this trip to everyone coming to Faroe Islands.

  105. Knut Håkon Breivik

    The trip was perhaps a bit too long on the Mykines island. This could of course be because of the rain and low visibility. But a lot of the passengers were in the end just cramped in the town, waiting for the boat to ferry them back. Perhaps an hour shorter would do.

  106. Robin Michael Lambert

    The boat trip was amazing. We got to see so much more than if we would have taking the other ferry. Plus the boat looks way more comfortable and warm. Our guide was spot on with information and anecdotes, Amazing time for the three of us.

  107. VJ

    A very special experience – facing towering sea cliffs and weaving through dark caves and grottoes in a boat, and observing all the beautiful birdlife in their natural habitat. And then hiking to beautiful Mykines lighthouse and the puffin colonies – thousands of these precious birds at close quarters with all their quirks with jaw-dropping views littered across the whole day. Our English-speaking guide was great – very patient and helpful with the slow hikers like my parents and very engaging and educative at the same time. The weather really helped as it was sunny on Mykines and had been sunny the day before too – so it wasn’t muddy anywhere. It should be noted that no matter what you hear, this is a medium-level (not easy) hike for beginner hikers and proper hiking shoes are a must as even in slight rain, it would get very slippery. Go prepared, and the experience will be more than rewarding. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to do it, that too, in great weather!

  108. Eline

    We had the best experience. A great combination of the Westmanna cliffs and the beautiful Mykinos Island. The weather could have been better, but we where proberly dressed.
    A trip i can only recommend.

  109. Bodil

    Lovely tour. Great weather. Good boat. Nice people. Beautiful birds.

  110. Peter Mertz

    It was a fantastic tour. The boat was really suitable for the purpose, and the captain was a great narrator.

    We were very pleased.