Official James Bond Tombstone Tour in the Faroe Islands

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Follow in the footsteps of James Bond on Kalsoy island. You will take in all the breathtaking sceneries used as a filming location in the secret agent’s latest movie No Time To Die.

This James Bond Faroe Islands tour will secure you the very best experience up close. From the official local tour guide to a seat in the official tour bus. No worries about bringing a vehicle on the super busy ferry to Kalsoy island. Park your car in Klaksvík. Simply jump onboard the ferry as a foot passanger. The ferry departs at 10:00am.

All scenes in the Faroe Islands were filmed on Kalsoy island. Your tour guide will take you to the heart of the filming locations to discover the exciting world of 007 James Bond and other onscreen action stars around Kallur Lighthouse and Trøllanes.

The guided tour begins by the ferry port in Syðradalur on Kalsoy island. Your tour guide will greet you at 10:30am once you disembark the ferry and step on land on Kalsoy island. As soon as the tour starts and the bus heads up north along the narrow island, you will feel the thrill and excitement.

Your tour guide (referred to as King of Kalsoy in the No Time To Die credit list) is also the farmer in Trøllanes. Hear insider behind-the-scenes tales about the film and the story line. You will also view behind the scenes stills from the featured film that bring the scenes and sites in Trøllanes and at Kallur Ligthouse alive.

After an exciting introduction to Trøllanes, you will start a hike to Kallur Lighthouse. The path along the route can be slippery so bring good hiking boots. The panoramic view at the vantage point Kallur Lighthouse is extraordinary. James Bond stood right here when he... no spoiler yet! All we can reveal is that your tour guide will take you to the James Bond memorial stone located on the very edge of Kalsoy island.

The scenes are filmed in this unparalleled nature. You will enjoy the nature just as much as you enjoyed No Time To Die.

Along the way, you will have plenty of opportunities to take pictures and feel as a true secret spy wandering in untouched nature. You can enjoy your delicious packed lunch just as the filming crew did when on location while surrounded by this unbelievable piece of nature.

Once you are back in the village Trøllanes, you are invited into one of only few houses in the village. This is also the place where the filming crew had their base camp when shooting the James Bond movie in the Faroe Islands. Now you will enjoy a local lamb meal in the same building where the filming crew had their base (vegetarian option available).

Your guided tour is finished at 17:30pm when you are dropped off at the ferry that sails from Kalsoy island back to Klaksvík on Borðoy island. You have now seen everything with your own eyes. Now you know how the James Bond film was made on Kalsoy island and have insider knowledge about the secret production techniques and untold stories.

What are you waiting for? You only live once and you do really not want to miss a visit to the breathtaking filming locations on Kalsoy island. Have your breath taken away by the unbelievable Faroe Islands sceneries in the blockbuster James Bond movie No Time To Die. Check availability by choosing a date.


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Kallur Lighthouse

Kalsoy Island


9 reviews for Official James Bond Tombstone Tour in the Faroe Islands

  1. Annette Toet

    We really enjoyed the James Bond tour, especially the personal touch by Johannes. Not sure if we would recommend it to all our friends because of the considerable price of the tour, but we had a memorabele experience on Kalsoy!

  2. Heather Zhorela-Schall

    Hello! We had a great time! He was amazing!! So very nice and knowledgeable. We felt very honored that he was our tour guide on his property. We felt so welcomed by him. Thanks for the the tour!

  3. Steven Dasgupta

    The tour was fantastic. Johannus was a great tour guide and he even invited us into his home for a meal.

    Johannus is an asset to the Faroe Islands. I am a big James Bond fan and this Tour was the reason I came to the Faroe Islands. I have since discovered its beauty but the thing that highlighted the Islands to me was the Tour.

  4. Kell Vedsted

    It was a great experience and we got more histories and details about the the part of the movie “No time to die” made at Kalsoy. Johannus is a great storyteller. Lunch at Johannus family’s house was a extra plus to the tour.

  5. Troy Murray

    Had a WONDERFUL time on the James Bond Tombstone Tour!

  6. Cyrelle Watfa

    If you are a fan of hiking then go ahead. I fell two times 😂 but it was definitely worth it. The view is unbelievable. I finally saw the puffins. The food was delicious. The whole package tour is excellent. I want to thank Rani (sorry for the misspelling) & Mikkjal for their kindness, their time & experience.
    A must do tour !!!

  7. Andrew Maloney

    It was excellent. We enjoyed our time with the King of Kalsoy!

  8. Simon Lees

    The Bond trip was amazing. Johannes (not sure about spelling) or “The King of Trøllanes” was an excellent guide and fantastic host. I have to watch the film again now and look out for his name at the end of the credits. The walk up was fine although I certainly could not have gone on the path beyond the lighthouse to the cliff edge. Some people did though!! We were also incredibly lucky with the weather with perfect visibility.
    Thank you again. You are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

  9. Baard Bjerkestrand

    A superb day with the ‘King of Kalsoy’! A lot of interesting facts and stories that you can only get from people that have worked close to the production. Showed us all the interesting spots from NTTD and also sone amazing footage from the filming. And of course put us right on the actual spot where JB…well, you know… The surroundings and nature is just astonishing, and might just be one of the most dramatic and beautiful JB locations of all! Thanx again for the amazing hospitality which even included a nice meal in ‘the Kings’ own home – very much appreciated! A unique JB experience – and as far as we know – look out for even more excitements on Kalsoy in the future!

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