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Shake up your time in the Faroe Islands with a day tour to the incredible Kalsoy Island. You will discover the breathtakingly beautiful sceneries on this fully guided tour to the remote island.

You will be at the heart of the untouched nature in the northern part of the isles. Visiting Kallur Lighthouse is the highlight of the tour. In addition to this, you will get to unexplored sites on the island.

Your experienced tour guide will make sure that you will explore the very best of Kalsoy island. Your tour guide will pick you up in the morning wherever you like in Tórshavn and take you all the way to Kallur Lighthouse and beyond.

Kalsoy Island is at the heart of what the Faroe Islands are all about - unspoiled moments in awe-inspiring nature. After a drive for less than an hour and then a 20 minutes boat ride, you will get to the amazing island.

Once you get to the village Trøllanes as far north on the island as possible, you will venture into the untouched mountains. A the end of a comfortable one hour hike, you will get to Kallur Lighthouse. You will have the most gorgeous views here of cliffs and nearby islands.

After the hike to the famous lighthouse, you will have time to enjoy the tranquil village Mikladalur. Your guide will now show you the epic statue Kópakonan located next to the shoreline.

It adds to the awesomeness of this day, that everything is taken care of on your behalf. Simply relax and enjoy your day to the fullest.

You will get back to the capital in the afternoon. Expect to be back in Tórshavn at 17:00.

Join this guided tour to Kalsoy islands and Kallur Lighthouse and see the brilliant nature for yourself. Check availability by choosing a date.





Kallur Lighthouse

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