Thrilling 4 Hour Ásmundarstakkur & Rituskor Tour

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Enjoy a tour of Sandvík, the northernmost village of Suðuroy, home to the natural wonders Ásmundarstakkur and Rituskor. The village has a rich history starting back around 1000 years ago, all with a great view of the island Lítla Dímun, the smallest and only privately owned Faroese island.

The wooden bridge is closed in 2022. The bridge needs improvements.

A local tour guide will pick you up when you arrive with the ferry Smyril to Suðuroy after a two hour ferry ride from Tórshavn. The guide will then take you on a hike to the best possible view of the famous sea-stack Ásmundarstakkur, located on the stunning west side of Suðuroy. From there it is only a short hike to the iconic bridge above the cleft to the bird cliffs Rituskor.

The hike is quite easy but due to the unpredictable Faroese weather, having a local present is always recommended. You will have the unique opportunity to cross this amazing bridge to the Rituskor cliffs. 

When the hike is done, you will do some sightseeing around the northern part of Suðuroy island. The island comes with amazing views.

You will be guided through the village of Sandvík first mentioned in the history books over 1000 years ago, when Faroese hero and Viking Sigmundur Brestisson swam ashore in Sandvík only to be murdered for the golden ring he wore on his arm, gifted to him by the king of Norway. There is a statue of Sigmundur in Sandvík that you will get close to.

There is a beautiful sand beach in the village. You will visit the site where 14 men died in 1915, in the biggest whaling accident in Faroese history known simply as "Skaðagrindin". 

At the end of the tour, you tour guide will drive you back to the ferry port where the ferry Smyril departs. You are now on your way back to Tórshavn.

Don't miss out these stunningly beautiful attractions on Suðuroy island. Check availability by choosing a date.








Suðuroy Island

1 review for Thrilling 4 Hour Ásmundarstakkur & Rituskor Tour

  1. Nina KT

    I had a great time, despite or thanks to unexpected circumstances.
    Before the trip, I got the information that the tour would be a bit shorter than usual because of a change in ferry schedule. Still, we had enough time for a short hike with a view of Ásmundarstakkur, to look around Hvalba and have a snack by the sea.
    The unexpected circumstances occured at the end of the tour. Because the ferry was a different, smaller boat than usual, many locals – and me – were not allowed on board and had to wait until the next morning.
    Of course I had not planned for an overnight, but my guide Poul was so friendly and helpful, he invited me into his home for the night. We had dinner with his sons and in the evening we met a local teacher who was so kind to show me around the church, an old farm house and the old school. To make sure I would not be left behind again, he brought me to the ferry very early in the morning and talked the crew into letting me on board so I would not have to wait outside.
    It was quite an adventure and I definitely got great value for my money – more than I could have imagined when I booked the tour! I highly recommend this tour, they will make sure to take great care of you.

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