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Explore the best of the Faroe Islands in one day. You will see as much as possible of this undiscovered corner of the world together with an experienced tour guide with a strong passion for seaside views and waterfalls.

Your life-long native Faroe Islands tour guide has the local knowledge and will make sure that you get the most out of your time around the Faroe Islands. So this is what awaits you.

You will be picked up at your accommodation in the morning. Just let the tour guide know where you are staying once you book the tour. Now, you will hit the road and head straight to the island Vágar and the spectacular natural wonder in the small village Gásadalur. Here you will experience Múlafossur waterfall perched on the very edge and from where it plunges into the ocean. The scenery is so naturally and is the perfect place to recharge in nature.

Next, you will drive along the breathtakingly beautiful shoreline to the turf-roofed village Bøur. The view that you will encounter is otherworldy. You will have a great view of Tindhólmur islet and the famous sea arch Drangarnir. 

Now, you will head to the tranquil hideaway Saksun. This lovely little village is is tucked away in lush grass on the westside of Streymoy island. The village faces an increadable view of a hidden tidal lagoon.

You will now glide silently along the well-kept roads in the Faroe Islands and stop by the captivating Fossá Waterfall. Enjoy the power of nature for a while as you stand next to the crashing water beside this waterfall that drops in two levels. 

After this experience, you will head to the remote settlement Tjørnuvík nestled in unmatched natural beauty. Travellers say this hidden valley feels like reclaiming nature.  

Now, the peaceful village Gjógv is waiting for you to be discovered. Your tour guide will take you along windswept mountains and all the way to the natural gorge in Gjógv, where you can enjoy the trashing waves. 

Are you ready for a full-day of magical landscapes and seascapes? This will be one of the most incredible days of your life. Check availability by choosing a date.














18 reviews for The Full-Day “See It All” Faroe Islands Tour

  1. Signe Thorlaksen

    Jeg havde en super god dag og fik set en masse smukke spændende steder på Færøerne. Guide Elsa-Maria var behageligt gæstfrit selskab og kunne fortælle meget om det vi så, og kunne supplere med anekdoter fra hendes egen opvækst på øerne. Hun tog endda billeder og sendte dem via en app sammen med et kort over hvor vi havde været. Kaffe og stort udvalg af kiks/kager. Turen kan bestemt varmt anbefales- jeg tror det er meget svært at få lige så stort udbytte ved at tage rundt på egen hånd.

  2. Charlotte Louise Geoffrey Webster

    Cannot recommend enough! Lovely guide who was full of information and answered all our questions. An excellent introduction to the islands, its history and people. Brilliant way to start our holiday on the islands and also recommended other places to visit and walks to do. 5*

  3. Thomas Tørsleff

    Very knowledgeable guide, many beautiful sights.
    Highly recommended

  4. Casper Mygind

    Great day, great guide – worth all that driving around

  5. Jesper Olsen

    A fantastic tour around the islands – and a great guide, who told a lot of stories about the country, it’s history and the people.

  6. Thiago N

    Elsa Maria is a great guide (and a great driver), who clearly knows a lot about these fascinating islands. She kept the group going, so that we could really ‘see it all’, but also gave us time to savour each place, including to take photos. The packed lunch with traditional Faroese food was a particularly nice touch. Takk fyri! 🙂

  7. Ingrid Synnøve Ytreland

    We had a fantastic day on this “See it all” Faroe Islands Tour. We experienced breathtaking nature, tasted exciting local food and had the most amazing tour guide, Elsa Maria. We can absolutely recommend this day tour!

  8. Emilía Anna Ward

    This was a wonderful tour, not only because of the beautiful sites seen along the way – particularly Gjóv and Bøur -but also because of the very cheerful and friendly guide Elsa Maria. I really enjoyed learning more about the history and culture of the Faroe Islands from her, especially as an Icelander since we consider each other “cousins” due to our shared history and very similar languages. I was only in country for 3 days but I definitely felt like I got my money’s worth on this tour and saw nearly everything I wanted to see. If you’re looking for a fun, energetic guide and only have a limited amount of time on the Faroe Islands, I highly recommend this tour!

  9. DirkD

    Truly the best way to see the Faroes if you are there for the first time. Elsa Maria seems to know everybody and has a personal connection to all the places we´ve visited. We´ve even been invited to houses. Also she can tell you a lot of background information about the islands and their people. Plus you get all the stunning scenery. Given the fact that a hired car will set you back around 1.000 DKK a day this trip is really good value – you add the guide for the rest.

  10. Torsten

    The tour was awesome. Our guide Elsa Maria did a great job, all was very well organized and prepared. Telling us personal stories and other interesting things it was remarkable how much Elsa Maria loves the Faeroe Islands. The tour is the best choice to see in short time as much of spectacular spots as possible. An great advantage is that the tour includes the highlights of Vagar Island too. For me the tour also was a perfect appetizer for going around the Faeroer by my own.

  11. Lucia Yamashita

    Maria did give me the “See it all” tour! Not only did she drove me around the island, giving me valuable information about the country and showing me the best spots to take pictures, but she also gave me a real lesson on the Faroe culture! History, culture, traditions, tales, language and even some faroese food! All that in a single day! I definitely recommend this tour!

  12. Rafael Briquet

    Guide was kind, friendly and very knowledgeable about the country. Learnt a lot of interesting facts about the culture, history and geology of the islands during the drives between sites.
    In addition to the main attractions of the islands, you also get to see unique locations that you wouldn’t necessarily know about when travelling alone.
    I strongly recommend this tour for people who are staying for a week or less as it gives you a good picture of the whole country.

  13. Etsuzo Yamakado

    I have traveled around the world and it is one of the best. Especially the guide of Elsa Maria was wonderful. I learned something interesting about the history and culture of Faroe Island and the relationship between people and sheep. I was able to see a wonderful view that I had never seen before. Blessed with the weather, I was able to enjoy Winter Fellows Island. Recommended for all visitors to Faroe Island. This time I come to see Puffins.

  14. Nina Kjærvoll

    If you are on the Faroe Islands for a limited amount of time I would highly recommend this trip. Elsa Maria is an authentic, warm-hearted and knowledgeable guide who will make your day, either you travel alone or with company.

    She was solution oriented when I made a mistake booking the tour and picked me up at the airport upon arrival. We then spent the rest of the day exploring the magic scenery of the Faroe Islands while she was sharing history and personal experiences.

    As the weather conditions where somewhat challenging we ended up doing a more thorough sightseeing of Tórshavn, which was very helpful when I explored the city the next days. Elsa Maria also made sure I had a nice restaurant to have dinner at though all restaurants seemed fully booked due to Valentine’s Day.

    I would chose her as my tour guide any day! Highly recommended!

  15. Mario

    I had a very personalized and pleasant tour. Since I happened to be the only one in the tour that day and we happened to have some time over, Elsa Maria drove me to a select few locations not listed on the tour.
    The guide is pleasant to talk to, and really knows the locations, she also have me restaurant recommendations.

  16. ida christine brehmer

    We had an amazing trip and I can only recommend it to others. We got to see all the beautiful views and sights, and we had a very unique experience 🙂

  17. Jessica Goldman

    Elsa Maria was amazing! I can’t believe how much beauty we saw in one day. I am just so in awe of this place and she made the experience even more fulfilling. I’m hoping to come back this summer and would love to book with her again!

  18. Jacobsen

    Elsa Maria was a very kind Tour Guide for us. We were just two people that day and had an amazing trip. We were involved in the trip and were able to say where we want to stay and how long. I totally enjoyed the trip and would clearly recommend it! We also had some nice hikes in between and she answered every question patiently. The tour was in a comfortable car and the coffee breaks in between were perfect. Thank you!

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