Kirkjubøur Travel Guide

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Kirkjubøur, located on the southern part of the island Streymoy, is regarded as the most important historical site in the Faroe Islands. The village is a 15 minutes drive from the capital, Tórshavn.

In Kirkjubøur you will find the ruins of the Magnus Cathedral, the Saint Olav’s Church (Olavskirkjan), and the old 11th century log house, Roykstovan. Most houses in the village are painted black and turf-roofed.

The log house Roykstovan, which means The Smoky Room, has been the living room on the farm in the village for many centuries. The oldest part of the building is open to the public.

Kirkjubøur is the birthplace of Jóannes Patursson (1866-1946), the leader of the 20th century independence movement in the Faroe Islands. Beside being a politician and poet, Jóannes Patursson was an important farmer in Kirkjubøur.

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