Tórshavn Travel Guide

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Tórshavn is the capital in the Faroe Islands and the most populous city. This is the hub from where most people go out and explore the untouched nature on the 18 islands.

The capital is situated a 40 minutes drive from the only airport in the Faroe Islands, Vagar Airtport (FAE). Tórshavn is nestled on Streymoy island which is connected to Vagar island and the airport there by a sub-sea tunnel. You can reach Tórshavn from the airport by public bus and taxi. Most car rental companies have offices at the airport and they all offer you to pick up and drop off your car at the airport.

You will find most hotels in the Faroe Islands in Tórshavn including the three only 4-star hotels. All hotels are in a walking distance from cafés and restaurants in the city centre.

There are some 21,000 people living in the greater Tórshavn area. Even if the population is microscopic, the capital is vibrant with amazing restaurants serving the best of Nordic gastronomy. Tórshavn is also the political, cultural, and financial centre of the Faroe Islands and has a reputation of being the safest capital in the world.

Havnar kirkja is the Faroese name for Tórshavn Cathedral. The church lies right next to sod-rrofed houses near the oldest part of town Tinganes.

Almost all day tours to the different attractions in the Faroe Islands start from Tórshavn. Most tours use the hotels in the capital as pickup locations. Pick up for all day tours is typically made between 8 and 9 in the morning.

The national football stadium Tórsvøllur is also situated in the capital. The stadium is the national team’s football pitch for international matches. Next to the sports area, you will find the National Gallery. Here you will find a beautiful collection of the rich art scene including work by the famous painter Mikines.


Most people in the Faroe Islands travel by car. Travellers to the islands are also happy to rent a car if not selecting fully guided day tours to join.

There are two bus systems on the islands. Red busses drive only within the City of Tórshavn. These busses are free of charge. Then there are blue busses connecting villages to Tórshavn. It is in general quite difficult to use the bus system for travel. Getting from one village to another can take hours. All blue busses depart from the Tórshavn Bus Terminal by the harbour.

The public ferry SMYRIL to Suðuroy island departs from the harbour in Tórshavn as well as the ferry TERNAN to Nólsoy island. The departure location Farstøðin is located at the harbour near Tinganes, which is the oldest district in Tórshavn. Tinganes is where you will find the Prime Minister’s Office as well as government ministries.

Check out the ultimate guide to Tórshavn for more insider tips on what to do and see in the capital of the Faroe Islands. With its rich cultural life, there is no need to get bored in the capital after a day out in the unbelievable nature.

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