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Enjoy the scenic day tour touring the Golden Circle combined with a hike to the highest summit in the Faroe Islands. The mountain Slættaratindur is a great hike and the scenery is lovely up hill and on the top.

The tour starts in Tórshavn in the morning. After you have been picked up, you will head north on Streymoy island to the village Saksun with the famous tidal lagoon. From Saksun you will drive further north. You will stop by the impressive Fossá Waterfall, which drops in two levels. Fossá is the tallest waterfall in the Faroe Islands. You will enjoy Fossá before visiting the village Tjørnuvík nestled peacefully in a deep valley.

Now, you will enter Eysturoy island and head further north and drive up the steep winding road beneath the Slættaratindur mountain to the Eiðisskarð pass from where your hike to the top will start. Slættaratindur peaks at 880 metres above sea level. You will reach the highest point in the Faroe Islands with an experienced tour guide that will keep you on the path all the way to the highest peak. 

The hike to Slættaratindur is fantastic experience. When standing on the rooftop of the Faroe Islands, you will have an amazing panoramic view of the archipelago.

Your hike will start halfway up the mountain as the road will take you to almost 400 metres above ocean level. Hiking to the summit will take 1 hour. Weather permitting, you will stay on the top for one hour or so.

The weather is unpredictable on the top. You can experience standing in the middle of clouds and only see Slættaratindur itself. But on a clear day you will have a breathtaking view over almost all islands in the Faroe Islands from the northernmost island to the southernmost island.

You will have a packed lunch on the top of the Faroe Islands and also a bottle of water. The hike downhill from the top will take just under 1 hour. 

On your way back to Tórshavn, you will stop at Eiðiskollur. Here you will see the two marvellous stone formations out of the sea, "Risin and Kellingin". When heading back to Tórshavn, you will see steep mountains and several charming valleys lying side by side. There are great photo opportunities on this day tour that will bring you stunning views of the unspoiled nature in the Faroe Islands.  

Make sure to explore the beauty when standing on the top of the Faroe Islands as well as experiencing the golden circle tour. Check availability for Golden Circle and Slættaratindur by choosing a date.





Eysturoy Island


Risin & Kellingin



Streymoy Island


2 reviews for Slættaratindur & Golden Circle

  1. Gubs

    The tour guide and I finished this a bit to fast. He said it was because I don’t stop every 10 minutes to take photos! We were done in about 2 and half hours, the view on top was amazing and I was glad that the tour guide moved the date for me taking in consideration the weather. My only advice is that I was very lucky to see everything from the peak and that to in November. The success rate even during the summer months to see clearly everything is a little less then 50%. But if your not into getting that amazing picture, the hike is still amazing. I cant praise the tour guide enough, great conversationist as it was just him and me for this tour. The climb wasn’t hard at all. Thanks for the memories and lucky some really cool photos to take back.

  2. Chan Kor Shu

    The tour was great – good group size, ample time on each site and informative guide. We even had a local Mayor as our guide for the hike!

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