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Reach the fantastic scenery at Kallur Lighthouse or simply Kallurin. When in the Faroe Islands, you want to experience the great hike and stunning sight at Kallur Lighthouse.

This famous lighthouse is surrounded by breathtaking nature. Hiking to Kallur Lighthouse is a must-do experience while you are in the Faroe Islands. Besides exploring this amazing attraction, you will visit the gobsmacking villages Viðareiði, the fishing town Klaksvík and the island Kunoy.

You will be picked up in Tórshavn in the morning and head north to the northern islands. Before you make it to Kallur Lighthouse, you will visit Kunoy island and Viðareiði which is the northernmost village in the Faroe Islands surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Now, you are ready to head to Kalsoy island where Kallur Lighthouse is waiting for you. The ferry SAM will take you from Klaksvík to Syðradalur on Kalsoy island. 

Remember to enjoy the ferry ride and to observe the many birds that you will see on the sea and in the air. Your tour guide will tell you insider knowledge about living next to the blue ocean.

Once you reach Kalsoy island after a 20 minutes ferry ride, you will head up north, pass some stunning valleys and small villages before entering the most northernly village on the island Kalsoy. Here you will find the tiny village Trøllanes. From this picturesque village you go off road and head for the lighthouse. There is no path, but you will walk on grass and stony surface. You will hike for 3 hours in total.

The view from the lighthouse is absolute stunning. To the south there is the sheer cliff (Borgarin 537 m / 1761 feet) and the spiky mountain Nestindar (788 m / 2585 feet). To the west you see the island Eysturoy and to the east you see the north side of the islands Kunoy and Viðoy.

You will join a local guide to Kallur Lighthouse. Besides giving you insights to his vast knowledge, the guide will make sure that you hike safe and that you will get the best view possible at Kallur. 

When back in Trøllanes you will have your packed lunch. After you have finished your packed lunch you will experience Kópakonan or the Sealwoman by the seaside in the village Mikladalur. Afterwards, you will take the ferry back to Klaksvík and finally head back to the capital Tórshavn.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to hike your way to the majestic sight at Kallur Lighthouse and to experience the northern islands. Check the booking availability by choosing a date.


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8 reviews for Hiking to Kallur Lighthouse | Experience the Northern Islands

  1. Nick Goodall

    Great day out on Kalsoy …hiking to Kallur Lighthouse – an absolute essential for a true taste of the Faroe Islands. Visited the highly evocative Seal-Woman statue too – stunning. Andrei was a fantastic guide – so friendly, informative, professional and fun to be with. Would highly recommend.

  2. Adriano Passini

    The guide was very friendly and knew about many things. The van was comfortable and the lunch delicious. We went to very nice places with amazing sightseeing. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you.

  3. tao mannu

    My friend and I booked this tour and had an amazing time. The guide was a great storyteller and excellent at communicating with all members of the group – it may be because of his degree in literature :).. The packed lunch was so good and a nice tuch.

  4. Bruce Ng

    The driver was a bit late in picking up in the morning, but other than this everything was fine. The scenery along the hike was awesome. It was foggy on the mountain top when we reached the lighthouse but we managed to take some good photos afterwards. I would still recommend this tour to visitors to Faroe Islands.

  5. Anne O’Mahony

    Great tour with guide to the Northern Islands, the sun was shining by the time we got to Kallur lighthouse which made it all the more enjoyable.
    The Guides were very informative and generally great fun.

  6. Becky Ruddy

    Our guide was so knowledgeable, we seen the most breathtaking scenery and the hike to the lighthouse just completed an amazing day!

  7. Birgit Marion Sänger

    Sehr netter und informativer Führer, wir haben viel gesehen und die Wanderung war spektakulär

  8. Blanka Elekes Szentagotai

    Ursula was a very good guide and she has a very deep knowledge of all things Faroese. This tour has a bit of a strict schedule as you are tied to the ferry to and from the island of Kalsoy.
    The highlight of the day was definitely the hike to the famous Kallur lighthouse with the utterly sweet and helpful Johannus who went out of his way to make sure everyone on the tour had a great time.

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