Drangarnir - Guide to Faroe Islands

Drangarnir Travel Guide

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Drangarnir is Faroe Islands’ most famous rock formation. Located off the island of Vágar towards the visually dramatic islet of Tindholmur, it is a popular attraction to explore in the archipelago. The impressive 230 feet tall sea arch rises straight out of the North Atlantic Ocean.

This spectacular sea stack with an iconic hole in it is a key feature of the Faroe Islands. There are two sea stacks that together form Drangarnir.

Drangarnir translates directly to “The sea stacks”. The most-known and bigger rock formation is called Stóri Drangur or “Large sea stack”. The smaller one is called Lítli Drangur or “Small sea stack”.

Getting to Drangarnir

You will get close to Drangarnir when experiencing this truly unbelievable attraction in a boat. Photo by Chris Poplawski known as @chrisroams on Instagram.

You can get close to the attraction when joining a Boat Tour to Drangarnir. Alternatively, you can experience Drangarnir at a distance from the coastal village Bøur.

​Travellers will pass the sea arch when heading west to the island Mykines from the village Sørvágur. The sea can be rough around the sea-stacks but on most days small boats can sail through the arch.

The hike to Drangarnir is difficult. It takes a whole day to hike to the attraction.

You will traverse steep slopes in quite challenging terrain when hiking to Drangarnir. There is no marked path to the attraction.

Sailing next to Drangarnir sea stacks. Photo by Chris Poplawski known as @chrisroams on Instagram.

Your feet are bent in the same angle for about 3 hours straight each way. Most people are therefore not interested in hiking to Drangarnir.

The classic Boat tour to Drangarnir departs from the village Sørvágur on Vágar island. The boat ride from the harbour in Sørvágur takes approximately 10 minutes. Weather permitting, travellers are able to sail through the sea arch and even touch the basalt surface.

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