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Marvel at all the unspoiled sights on Suðuroy island. This full day tour will take you to the heart of this awe-inspiring island.

Your tour guide will pick you up in the morning at 08:15 and you will then take the ferry and leave the city behind. You are now sailing to the most southernly island in the Faroe Islands. Relax in the ferry for the 2 hours journey while passing first the island of Sandoy then Skúvoy, Stóra Dimun and finally Lítla Dimun.

There is a licensed restaurant on the ferry. The staff serves hot and cold meals and beverages.

On arrival in Suðuroy, you will drive from the ferry port towards Froðba, said to be the oldest village in Súðuroy, taking in the unique columnar basalt cliffs. Then from Tvøroyri you will take a guided hike to Hvannhagi and Hvanndal. A place known for it’s spectacular beauty and a real hidden gem, easily accessible, so make sure to explore this secret before the crowd discovers it!

On the way back you will walk up through a gorge, where you will witness the phenomenon of the legendary, illusive, grey people of the Faroes who got caught out in the sun and had their expressions frozen in the cliff rocks.

Now, you will do a sightseeing tour of Suðuroy. This island is definitely the most beautiful island from the road.

You will visit most of the villages from the southern tip at Akraberg, then to the spectacular and breathtaking clifftops of Beinisvørð, the ancient viking settlement of Hov and make time to relax and eat a packed lunch in Famjin.

Afterwards you will head up to the northern tip of the island and you will hear the end of the Faroese saga history, as this was the scene for one of the main events.

You will stop in Hvalba on our way back to the ferry, where you will see the ancient coal mines, in operation from the 1770’s. You will also regale the story of how three ships filled with pirates landed and ravaged the village of Hvalba.

You will then take the 18:30 ferry back to Tórshavn, leaving you to reflect on a great day and a memorable tour!

So don't delay—join this amazing small-group guided excursion and you too can experience the best of Suðuroy's natural delights! Check availability by choosing a date.









Suðuroy Island


2 reviews for Captivating 9 Hour Tour to Suðuroy Island

  1. Ros Hurn

    Our visit to Suduroy turned out to be even more exciting than anticipated. However we were in the safe hands of Tomas – a knowledgable, kind and very welcoming young man with a great sense of humour – the latter turning out to be essential as the day wore on.

    After a two-hour ferry ride south we spent a really interesting day on this beautiful, southern island – a mixture of emerald green agricultural land and spectacular cliffs and turf-roofed houses. At Café Mor Mor we ate a wonderful fish soup and home-made bread. It is really worth mentioning the bread in the Faroes as it is almost entirely home-baked and absolutely delicious.

    Then the news was delivered by an ever-calm Tomas . . . . the ferry back to Tórshavn had been cancelled. Tomas “just happened” to have a cousin with a holiday house on the island. A quick ‘phone call and we had a cosy base for a cup of tea and a wait for information. The ferry was not going to sail that night but we had to get back to Streymoy. Tomas “just happened” to have a friend with a small fishing boat . . . . .

    Tomas was an absolute star, as was his friend Flosi, and we had a truly memorable sunset sail back to Streymoy.

    I highly recommend Tomas – he was an excellent guide and I would like to thank him for an exceptional day’s sightseeing.

  2. Gill Richards

    It was so worthwhile. I feel fate intervened so we got to go on that trip rather than trying to do it ourselves. Thomas is very knowledgeable and great fun. He had organised a superb fish soup lunch at Cafe Mormor – just what was needed!

    The museum at Tvoroyrar Bygdaog Sjosavn was really interesting but the toilet facility needed a massive clean up. As Thomas said it was ‘not cared for’, a massive understatement and not like any other facilities we used on the islands.

    There was a good mix of scenery, information and culture and we were so lucky with the weather. We saw stunning views and fearsome drops into the sea. Thomas took good care of us.

    We got back to the ferry to find it was not certain to run because of a fire in one of the funnels. Fortunately Thomas had a cousin who had a holiday house so he took us there for a cup of tea whilst we waited to hear about the ferry. At 8-20pm it was cancelled until 5 am the next day. Thomas went off and bought pizza for us all whilst we thought what to do. We could have stayed -huge thanks to the kind cousin who offered his house on the basis of a phone call from Thomas – he was not there.

    We were a group of four older people – none of us with our medication, (a lesson learned there) and were desperate to get back to Torshavn. We thought about the helicopter but Thomas could not get through and of course they were on emergency standby and it would have been very expensive. Then Thomas had a brain wave and rang a fisherman friend who was willing to come down from Torshavn to pick us up and take us back. Thomas stayed with the car as he had another trip south the next day and persuaded his very pregnant wife to collect the next party and take them to the ferry the next day where he would meet them at the port. We met her briefly as she collected them the next morning!

    We had the most magical trip back with Flossar. We watched the puffins and fulmars fishing, and saw them returning their nests. We witnessed the most stunning sunset and ran down our camera batteries to flat! Flossar took photos for us as we took it in turns to get a bit of charge in our phones from his charger. It was such a wonderful, wonderful experience never to be forgotten.

    For me it was the perfect example of the kindness of strangers and the renowned friendliness and helpfulness of the Faroe islanders. Flossar even called us a taxi when we landed back in Torshavn. Back to the hotel at midnight!

    Thomas was outstanding. We did not get back until midnight as the public ferry was not running. We went to his cousin’s summer house for a cup tea then his fisherman friend came down from Torshavn and brought us back by fishing boat. A wonderful experience.

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