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Document your visit to the Faroes Islands with a seasoned, experienced photographer who will create unforgettable images of you and yours is exotic, breath-taking surrounding all over the Faroe Islands. Finnur Justinessen is a well-established professional photographer familiar with many frequented sites conducive to portraits and group shots.

Your personally tailored trip will include several sites, all dependent on the weather and time of year. The photographer's knowledge of the islands and photographic destinations will give you the option of traveling with a “tour guide” and photographer.

Finnur will escort you to a handful of breath-taking sites that will not only captivate your senses, but translate well into pictures you can use to share your travels with others. Price includes transportation, guiding to selected sites, and photos.

You can pick between a 4 or 8 hours trip. 4 hours allows for a handful of sites to be visited and shots to be taken. 8 hours allows for more sites to be visited and more in-depth, complex shots to be taken at each site.

Finnur concentrates his tours in the west, north, and northeast regions of the islands where a plethora of sites can be picked from to tailor a personalized trip around the islands. All these sites lend themselves well to spectacularly dramatic images that will leave your friends jealous with envy.

The photos will also be nice framed, resting on your mantle, ready to remind you of an unforgettable experience in the middle of the North-Atlantic ocean. Tours can be customized, and Finnur has the experience and knowledge to recommend an appropriate collection of the sites that will pay particular attention to weather, wind direction, and time of day, and season.

Now, don't miss this opportunity to have a personal photographer joining you on your adventure in the Faroe Islands. Check availability by choosing a date.





Eysturoy Island

Streymoy Island

Vágar Island


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