3 waterfalls in 1 day | Múlafossur, Fossá, and the waterfalls in Saksun

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Step right up to experience some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Faroe Islands. This enticing tour will take you to the world-renowned sites: Múlafossur Waterfall, Fossá Waterfall and waterfalls in Saksun.

The waterfalls in the Fare Islands are countless. This tour will take you sightseeing and exploring the most stunningly beautiful waterfalls on two different islands in the Faroe Islands. The tour will satisfy all your senses and the memory will last a lifetime.

You will visit the picturesque and best known waterfall Múlafossur only a short drive from Vagar Airport. Here you will get a scenic view of Múlafossur Waterfall and the remote village Gásadalur that sits at the edge of the cliff.

Next up is the Fossá Waterfall on the island Streymoy. Fossá Waterfall has a double drop with black lava cliffs behind the foaming white water. You will hike to the first drop, which is an impressive experience. Fossá Waterfall is 140 metre in total.

Your last stop on this tour is Saksun. The village has a couple of waterfalls that you will chase together with your local guide. Among the waterfalls, that you will see in Saksun is the stunning Breiðá Waterfall running from the mountain Kopsenni.

Rain is quite common on the Faroe Islands as it rains more than 250 days a year. This is actually good news as the waterfalls on this tour only get more impressive when it rains, especially Fossá Waterfall and the waterfalls in Saksun.

The waterfalls on this tour are breathtaking so make sure to bring a good camera as there are great photo opportunities at all three waterfalls. All waterfalls on this tour are accessible in winter as well as in summer.

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Fossá Waterfall



7 reviews for 3 waterfalls in 1 day | Múlafossur, Fossá, and the waterfalls in Saksun

  1. Uta Galemann

    Sveinur was an amazing guide. He showed me amazing places and waterfalls. We had great conversations. I learnt a lot about culture, politics and life of the faroers.

  2. jessica butz

    This tour was very relaxing and a good way to experience some of the islands’ many waterfalls. The guide was knowledgeable, friendly and a very experienced driver and guide. I would recommend this tour to anyone and was very impressed with the service overall from the guide and booking agent.

  3. Jesper Ottergren

    Excellent service by our guide Johan, who showed us the beautiful scenery of the islands. A fantastic day with a great guide! Johan is a native of the islands with indepth knowledge of both the landscape and history of the Faroe Islands and with excellent language skills both in Scandinavian and English. I defintively recommend this tour! Thanks also to the booking agent who arranged the tour despite us requesting the tour with very short notice. All in all – an amazing experience!

  4. Melissa Lim

    They provided a great tour on visiting three waterfalls and the village of Saksun. I was the only person on the tour, so the guide was very flexible with accommodating me and what I wanted to see.

  5. Anna Rodés

    Andreas was an excellent guide. Had a great time with him. The views were amazing and the explanations a good complement. Will absolutely reccomend this tour to my friends.

  6. Chang Xing Luan

    It is an excellent tour for me because there is just me to join the tour. The guide is is nice and we had good conversation about everything. The winter view is so wonderful.

  7. Kellie Richardson

    The waterfalls are breathtaking, the tour is incredibly scenic, and the guide is great. We learned a bunch about the Faroe Islands, took dozens of gorgeous photos, and even got to take in some bonus sites. I would highly recommend the tour since a lot of the roads are narrow and not super fun to drive – but on the tour, you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!

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