Bøur Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

Bøur is a small village on Vágar island in the mountainous Faroe Islands. From Bøur you have a great view towards the peaky and uninhabited islet Tindhólmur and the stacks Drangarnir.

This village is the last inhabited settlement before you get to Gásadalur and the famous waterfall Múlafossur. You will get to a small parking lot as the first thing when entering the village. This is the best place to park your car if you come to Bøur in own vehicle.

Bøur seen from sea. Photo by @chrisroams on Instagram.

There are many turf houses in this small village that is nestled only a 10 minutes’ drive from Vágar Airport. People also enjoy the peaceful mood when standing on the small beach next to the houses.

A tranquil body of water flows down the hillside and into the ocean here. The small church in the village lies next to the stream.

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