Information about Gásadalur

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Gásadalur is a remote village on Vágar island. Until recently it could only be accessed by hiking on foot over the mountains, but now the village is accessible through a driving tunnel and has become a favourite with visitors to the Islands.

Home to the famous picturesque waterfall Múlafossur, Gásadalur has a cafe and guesthouse, serving locally sourced lunch, cakes and coffee. Gásadalur translates directly to “the Goose Valley”.​

Mulafossur Guide to Faroe Islands

Gásadalur is surrounded by two mountains both over 700 metres. To the east Eysturtindur reaches 715 metres above sea level and to the north Árnafjall elevates 722 metres high. Eysturtindur translates directly to “the Peak to the East”.

You can experience the village throughout the year. It takes 20 minutes to reach Gásadalur from Vagar Airport.

There are some options for staying in Gásadalur in small cottages. These cabins are located in the valley itself.

The main attraction in Gásadalur, the beautiful Múlafossur waterfall, is easy to reach. You will walk on a unpaved path for only two minutes from the village before you get to the extraordinary scenery.

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