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A favourite amongst travellers to the Faroe Islands is to visit the westernmost island of Mykines, home to large sea bird colonies of which the most famed being the large number of puffins. Mykines is staggeringly beautiful and deserves its spot as the most sought after destination in the Faroe Islands.

For the complete experience of the remarkable nature and distinctive island life on Mykines, we recommend joining one of our smaller groups for a complete and personalised day-tour in comfortable and hassle-free settings.

Mykines is a protected Ramsar area due to its rich and varied bird-life. The puffin colony is certainly the biggest in the Faroe Islands, potentially one of the biggest in the world, and we get the chance to pass right through it.

The village that once inhabited almost 200 people is now reduced to around a dozen people living on the island throughout the year. Yet the village doesn’t disappoint with its well-maintained houses, turf roofs and colour variances.

A driver will pick you up in Tórshavn in the morning. The driver will take you to Sørvágur to catch the ferry departing to Mykines at 10:45. Weather permitting, the ferry-ride will be an experience in itself as we pass the sea stacks Drangarnir and the islands of Tindhólmur and Gáshólmur.

Upon arrival, our first stop is the village café for a short break and the chance to buy refreshments. We then start the hike by heading uphill to the monument established for those who passed away at sea. Next we reach our first viewpoint ─ the largest puffin colony in the Faroe Islands.

If the weather permits, we continue to Lambi and walk through the colony. At this point of the journey you are likely to get the chance to see the breeding pairs of puffins up-close. We then cross the bridge that hovers 35 meters above the ocean and hike to the lighthouse on Mykineshólmur.

At the lighthouse we grab lunch while enjoying the surrounding seabird city. Having saturated the wild nature on Mykineshólmur, we hike same way back to the village and spend a moment before the catching the ferry back to Sørvágur at 17h05. Arrival time in Tórshavn will be around 19h as we drop you off at your convenient location.


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Mykines Island

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