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Explore the jaw dropping nature in the Northern Islands. This day tour will take you to six islands in one day. You will be picked up in Tórshavn, lean back and let the journey begin.

You will now head up North and enjoy all the epic landscapes and old fishing villages. After driving for one hour with waterfalls at every corner, you will reach the first destination, Klaksvík. This is the second largest town in the Faroe Islands very much anchored to its fishing tradition. From Klaksvík you will have a great view of the island Kunoy and the peaking mountain Kunoyarnakki.

From Klaksvík you will take the ferry to the island Kalsoy. You will explore the most beautiful places on the island Kalsoy including Trøllanes, Mikladalur and the Seal Woman statue, which you will find by the coastline once you have walked down the long stairs from the village. You will be told the folklore of the Seal Woman or Kópakonan. The story of the Seal Woman is one of the most well known folktales in the Faroe Islands.

You can add a hike to Kallur Lighthouse to the cart. This will add something very special to this extraordinary day tour.

After a 20 minutes ferry ride back to Klaksvík, you will head to the island Kunoy. On your way to this island, you will enter a world of steep mountains and narrow straits. Make sure to enjoy every minute of this ride. Your tour guide will make sure that you will have the opportunity to do some photo stops along the way so you can capture the rough and beautiful mountains.

You will now hit the road again and drive further North to the village Viðareiði. You have most likely seen pictures from Viðareiði. Now you will stand by the foot of the most prominent mountain in the Northern Islands which has got a lot of photographic attention in recent years. You are gonna love the photogenic mountain Malinsfjall. Capture the authenticity on camera. You will have a spectacular panoramic view over the Northernmost islands from the village Viðareiði.

There is a packed lunch included in this tour as well as drinks. Simply meet us at the pick up point and let the tour guide show you countless fantastic sceneries.

Driving in the Northern Islands is like a never-ending show of truly epic landscapes and stunning nature. Add this day tour to your cart.





Borðoy Island

Kallur Lighthouse

Kalsoy Island


Kunoy Island




Viðoy Island

6 reviews for Highlights of the North | Six islands in one day

  1. Elisa Tarkkala

    I’m still not sure if that perfect day on the Faroe Islands really happened to me, but here is how I remember it: It was a sunny day on March. I had pre-booked a group tour on the Islands. Since it was off-season for most travelers, I got a private tour with the local guide on the same price. During the day the guide told me so many interesting things about the Islands’ nature, history, politics and culture. We drove literally all over the Islands in just one day. The landscapes were even way more stunning than in the pictures. We drove high on the snowy mountains where one could see beautiful villages down the fjords. Just around a mountain or after a subsea tunnel there was always a new breathtaking landscape with an amazing waterfall or a perfect view to the ocean awaiting. I think I can only dream of having an experience like that ever again.

  2. Rod Kantor

    There were just 3 people with differing interests on this trip. While I was more interested in seeing as much as possible of the islands the other 2 wanted to go on a hike. And our guide Ári arranged the itinerary so that we all achieved the outcome we wanted. As the others hiked on the island of Kalsoy, Ári and I visited the villages on that island and I learnt about some of the country’s folklore and legends. It was a full day tour during which we crossed 6 islands. It was made all the more worthwhile with the information that Ári provided us as we drove through the islands’ amazingly picturesque countryside.

  3. Gillian Essex

    Our driver/guide was amazing – a human encyclopedia. We learnt so much about the history and culture of the Faroes in one day as well as covering an amazing amount of scenery. The optional hike was a real bonus too. If you do just one tour in the Faroes, do this one. I can not recommend it highly enough. It’s the best day tour I’ve ever done.

  4. Casey Schmidt

    Be ready for a full day on this trip, but definitely worth the time. As the description says, sit back and relax and enjoy the views, the stops, and the entertaining and knowledgeable guide. It was a great way for me to start my trip to the Islands!

  5. Jessamy Perkins

    Amazing tour – some of the best and picturesque scenery in the Faroe Islands! Our guide was great – informative, helpful, and easy to listen to. He provided a great mix of history, stories and current changes for the region. Travel was easy, comfortable and good company. As with all travel on the Faroes, dress for the forecast weather.

  6. Marcus Uzubalis

    After seeing some of the larger of the Faroe Islands the day before on another “Guide to Faroe Islands” tour, I spent the day exploring the six northern Faroe Islands with Eydun Húsgard. As I was the only person on the tour, Eydun was in contact beforehand to customise the itinerary so I could get the most out of it, and suggested a hike to the Kallur lighthouse on the ruggedly beautiful Island of Kalsoy. Suffice to say I very quickly agreed!

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