Sørvágur Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

Sørvágur is a village on Vágar island in the unbelievable Faroe Islands. The village lies right next to the only airport in the archipelago.

While planes are approaching the runway on Vágar island, they fly over Sørvágur just seconds before they land. Vágar Airport is only a 2 minutes drive from Sørvágur.

Salmon pens in the Sørvágsfjørður fjord.

Sørvágur is the village from where boats to Drangarnir departs. Boats to Mykines also depart from this village, which is located in the island’s deepest fjord, Sørvágsfjørður.

There is a peaceful sandy beach in the middle of the village together with colourful houses. From a certain location in the village hillside, you will have a beautiful view throughout Sørvágsfjørður fjord and with Mykines Island framed out in the horizon.

Summer evening view in Sørvágur. The island in the horizon is Mykines.

You will find a grocery store in Sørvágur as well as some other shops. Nearby villages are Bøur and the settlement Gásadalur.

The salmon farming company Hiddenfjord has its headquarter in Sørvágur. You will find the salmon in pens in the pristine open sea as you sail out of Sørvágur.

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