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Mykines (pronounced ‘Mee-chi-nes) lies off the west coast of Faroe Islands’ main islands. The island is home to the largest puffin colony in the archipelago. Visitors to Mykines will see thousands of puffins as this is their safe haven when nesting during the summer season from early May to end of August.

There are some 70 houses in Mykines. Only 15 people live on the island throughout the year.

On Mykines island visitors can walk along the impressive rocky coastline to a lighthouse on the nearby islet Mykineshólmur. You can see that the islet has been exposed to the full force of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The islet is the westernmost tip of the Faroe Islands. Seals are regular visitors when hauling themselves on the skerries here.

Mykines rises high from the sea on all sides and can only be reached by boat or helicopter in fair weather. Knúkur is the highest peak reaching 560 metres above sea level providing a panoramic view of the island.

Photo by Victoria Ostapova also known as @vialma on Instagram.

​There is a puffin guarantee in Mykines between May and August.

The island is 10,28 km2 and it stretches 7 kilometres (4,3 miles) from east to west. Mykines is fairly narrow from north to south.

Mykines is a car-free island so the ferry to Mykines only takes passengers. The only way to see the island is by foot. As the island is really steep and surrounded by lots of skerries, submerged rocks, and sea stacks, there is only one place on the island where the ferry can port which is in the small pier near the only village on the island.

Photo by Kah-Wai Lin.

The remote island is a truly amazing place. People come to the island to experience nature, to soak in the atmosphere, and to enjoy the quietness of the place. The wildlife is immense from puffins, common murre, northern fulmar, black-legged kittiwake to northern gannet.

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The houses in the sole village are turf-roofed and well kept. Everything about Mykines is truly special and for many people Mykines is the very highlight of their summer experience in the Faroe Islands.

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