Saksun Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

Saksun is a remote little village on Streymoy island. The village is famous for its unique location placed above a jaw-dropping lagoon.

The top attraction in Saksun is the lovely lagoon surrounded by steep mountains. The lagoon used to form a good natural harbour which was later blocked with sand during a storm.

The sand filled lagoon is now drawing people from near and far to admire its beauty. The lagoon filles up with seawater from the North Atlantic Ocean twice every day.

There is a reason why Saksun shows up no matter where you look for the Faroe Islands. Saksun has an untouched and serene feeling to it. There are 11 people living in Saksun.

There are more waterfalls than houses in the village Saksun.

A favourite day trip destination among locals and travellers alike. At low tide locals love to visit the tiny village to walk along the shore from the lagoon and to the beachfront.

The village includes a turf-roofed church and a village museum. There are some lovely turf houses in the Dúvugarðar settlement in Saksun as well as some stunning waterfalls along the mountain sides.

​The spectacular atmosphere in Saksun will charm everybody who visit the village. Saksun’s amphitheatrical position around the natural harbour is exceptionally beautiful. Experiencing Saksun as all about a feeling of remoteness that is difficult to define.

There is a hiking opportunity from Saksun to the nearby village Tjørnuvík. The hike is done along the old mountain trail between Dúvugarðar and Tjørnuvík. There are cairns along the route to guide you.

You will reach Saksun when heading in a western direction for 10 minutes from the village Hvalvík. The road from Hvalvík to Saksun is single tracked. There are lots of pull-in points for dealing with any oncoming traffic.

Saksun is a 50 minutes drive from the capital, Tórshavn. All roads are in good shape and in use throughout the year.

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