Information about Sornfelli

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Sornfelli (725 m) is a mountain on Streymoy island in the Faroe Islands most renowned for its two white domes that you can see from a long distance. Sornfelli lies a 15 minutes drive from the capital Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands.

You can drive almost to the top of the mountain and get a great panoramic view. There used to be a radar station here, which was closed in 2007.

Photo by Mayank Thammalla known as @mayankt on Instagram.

You can see the radars dimly on top of the mountain Sornfelli on this picture.

The construction was set up in 1961 as an initiative during the Cold War. The military interest in the area around the Faroe Islands dropped sharply in the mid ’00s. With the military rearmament in the Arctic region, there are now some plans to reopen the station. The re-establishment of the radar is a sign of the growing interest in the North Atlantic region.

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