Oyggjarvegur Travel Guide

By Verified Expert

​This is the old mountain road on Streymoy island leading you from Tórshavn to the many senic sites in the northern part of the country. It is an exciting experience to drive through the beautiful landscape when sliding up and down hills.

The most notable attraction along Oyggjarvegur is Norðradalsskarð from where you will have a breathtaking view of Koltur island and the valley Norðradalur. Further down the Oyggjavegur road, you will pass the only prison in the Faroe Islands, whci is perched in unmattched surroundings in the Mjørkadalur valley.

Another less know attraction only reachable from their road is Mount Sornfelli. After taking an exit from Oyggjarvegur and driving on a narrow road for some minutes, you will get to a mountain plateau from where you will have striking views.

The 4* Hotel Føroyar is situated right next to Oyggjarvegur, when you head out of Tórshavn. You will have a stunning view of Tórshavn and the island Nólsoy from this spot. 

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